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The New iPhone

Three new iPhones, a larger-screen iPad, a new Apple Watch that is always on and the promise of a future full of services. That is the balance of Apple’s most important event, The Steve Jobs Theater appointment in which every September the company announces the news of its most popular product.

This year there are surprises, as always, but also some absences and rumors that have not finally been fulfilled. As expected, the three iPhone releases in 2018 will be renewed this year.

The successor to the iPhone XR will be known as iPhone 11 and will be available in six colors. Its main feature is that it will have two cameras, one wide-angle. Portrait mode can also be used on objects and pets, not only on human faces as previously offered by the iPhone XR. Apple has lowered the price of its main phone for the first time, as well. iPhone 11 will start at US $ 699 tax-free, 50 euros less than its predecessor cost. In Europe, it will cost EUR 809.

The successors of the iPhone XS Max will be known as iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. They will have 5.8 and 6.5 inches of screen, with a new OLED panel with much higher brightness and a higher contrast level but their distinctive feature is that they will have three cameras on the back, all 12 megapixels.

Madrid Touches the Sky with the Riu Plaza

The property has 585 rooms and 17 meeting rooms, as it is committed to business tourism.

The lobby is crowded. Travelers in and out, curious-looking out, newly arrived businesspeople… Although it has only been open for a month, the Riu Plaza Hotel in Spain has a frenetic activity.

Tourists have welcomed with open arms the opening of this hotel, located in the typical building Spain, after ten years of abandonment. “We thought that, as August was in the capital, the beginning would be weaker, but quite the opposite. The first weekend we already had 800 clients, that is, more than 80% occupancy, and it has been maintained since then with some upsurge like last week, where there were only five free rooms”, explains Manuel Jaile, Director General of the hotel.

The skyscraper has 585 rooms, with capacity for about 1,200 people, as well as a 24-hour gym, an outdoor pool and a rooftop with 360-degree views of the city. The terrace is already one of the most visited places in the capital and, in the middle of August, there have been long queues to contemplate the best panoramic views of Madrid.

Zara Introduces Sandals You Will Want to Wear in Autumn

Summer is a season of sandals, and we all know that. Although there are many types and heights, the ones that have triumphed this year are characterized by their minimalist style, be it by their commitment to vinyl or monochromatic strips.

In particular, some sandals have been made with the Street style of everyone, and could not be other than those of Bottega Veneta. First were their famous handbags, that became a ‘challenge’ in networks, and are now in their high heel sandals, white strips, and square tip which have led the Italian firm to gain a position between the reference marks of the influencers most recognized all over the planet.

Zara, in turn, has not hesitated to release its own version of the famous sandals, which razed in white during the summer and which have been brought back, now in black color, so that you don’t stop wearing them throughout the fall. Just because a sandal is a heel doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable, word of an influencer!

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