Trumpet Winsock Reference

Trumpet Winsock Reference

Trumpet Winsock Troubleshooting Reference


Sorry, but I do not have time to answer your personal questions. Please post your questions to alt.winsock.trumpet or contact Trumpet Software International Support for Trumpet questions.

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Trumpet Winsock Questions

2.01 Where is the Official Trumpet Winsock FAQ?

Since Trumpet has become an ISP, I don’t know where this old FAQ is.  If you are looking for a manual, the easiest thing to do is download trumpet and use the trumpwsk.hlp file.  I know for sure that this file is in version twsk30d.exe.

2.03 I can login, but I can’t get my login script to work.

Trumpet Winsock: Use my Pacbell PPP login.cmd or SLiRP login.cmd for a comparison with your script. If all the settings match, you will probably need to check your modem documentation or this URL for your modem setup string. Also, I have noticed that if you try to put “exec slirp” in a $variable name, e.g., $slipcmd that Trumpet will think you are trying to start (execute) a file on your local PC.

Windows 95: See Dial-up Scripting Tutorial

2.07 How can I have my Trumpet login script automatically load a winsock client like Eudora?

Here is how I load Eudora from my login.cmd. I load it this way on my system otherwise if Eudora is already loaded it kills my script.

You could also use exec “c:netscapeeudoraweudora.exe” instead. Of course, you would need to specify the path where your copy of eudora or other email program is located.

if ! [exec "c:netscapeeudoraweudora.exe"]  display "Eudora already loaded or not found"nendOr you could use exec c:/netscape/eudora/weudora.exe

2.08 I get a Undefined Dynalink error message from Netscape using Trumpet Winsock.

Check for duplicate or different winsock.dlls. From the DOS prompt, enter

dir winsock.dll /s

to check for duplicates. If you have installed multiple versions of Trumpet or other TCP stacks and they are still in your path, you can have this type problem. I keep winsock.dll in my Trumpet directory only.

2.09 I get a Enablecommnotification Failed error message with Trumpet Winsock.

Trumpet Support says: “The ‘enablecommnotification’ call is implemented in new versions of Windows that older comm drivers (for example turbocomm) don’t recognise.” If you are using Windows for Workgroups, use the standard comm.drv. If you are using Windows 3.1, either get a newer version of the driver or try using another driver like wfxcomm or cybercom. This is a summary of information provided to me by Howard Wittenberg.

2.10 Trumpet just pauses when starting up, then gives the message “Unable to load TCP”.

From Trumpet’s install.doc:

Q. tcpman just pauses when starting up, then gives the message “unable to load TCP”.

A. You’ve probably got BOOTP set. Replace it with before dialing and try again. RARP is impossible to send via SLIP so don’t bother with that.

Also, make sure that you are using a good copy of the trumpwsk.ini file. I got this error recently when trying to load a corrupted trumpwsk.ini.

2.11 I’m getting a “comm errors [FRAME] = x” after loading Trumpet and Netscape, etc.

This problem can be caused by setting your MTU size to high, e.g. 1500 and then your packets get too fragmented. If you frequently have this problem, try lowering your MTU size to 576 or perhaps even lower. Remember MTU – MSS = 40 and that RWIN generally should be (4 * MSS).

2.12 I have a problem with streaming zmodem file transfers with Trumpet Winsock 2.1F?

John Navas of the 28000 Modem FAQ (see link above) reports that he has verified a bug with streaming zmodem file transfer uploads when using Trumpet Winsock. The fix is to set the zmodem window to 2Kb.

2.14 Trumpet Winsock 2.0B Bug Announcement.

In a 12/15/95 post in alt.winsock, Peter Tattam announced that there is a serious bug in Trumpet Winsock “causing a general protection fault when a bogus IP header is received”. This bug has been fixed in version 2.1F.

“In the interests of public Internet safety, we advise that use of version 2.0B should be discontinued as it is a potential security risk.”

“All registered users of 2.0B should contact Trumpet Software International to have their copies upgraded to version 2.1 free of charge.”

2.15 What is the most recent version of Trumpet Winsock?

The latest version of Trumpet Winsock is located on these ftp servers:
TSI – USA, Papa – USA and TSI – Austrailia. For instructions, read the readme.txt file.

Be sure tomake a backup copy of your trumpwsk.ini file and login scripts before installing from earlier versions.


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