SLiRP Installation Notes

SLiRP Installation Notes

SLiRP Installation Notes – 1.0c

I nonimate SLiRP’s author Danny Gasparovski to the Internet Hall of Fame!!!


These are my notes for installing SLiRP. Use this information at your own risk!


(1)  Use lynx or ftp to download SLiRP 1.0c or Biostat or ibc.wustl.     You can try old SLiRPs from Canberra, or ibc.wustl     if you have any problems with 1.0x.          ChangeLog for a list of version changes.(2)  Use gunzip slirp-1.0c.tar.gz  [*to unzip slirp tar file*](3)  tar -xvf slirp-1.0c.tar    [*to extract directories and files*](4)  cd slirp-1.0c/src(5)  ./configure   [*If you only use slip, use the --disable-ppp                     switch to make slirp smaller, i.e.,                     ./configure --disable-ppp*](6)  make [* to create slirp binary *](7)  copy (cp) slirp to your home directory or bin directory, e.g.,     cp slirp ~ or cp slirp /u7/llarrow(8)  create a .slirprc file [*must be in your path, check .login*]          Sample [*From B. Greathouse post updated for 1.0x*]:     [*See the  slirp /docs directory for more information*]     add exec nntpd:119   [*or add exec nntpd:                           (nntpd is for Netcom)*]     mru 552              [*default is 1500*]     mtu 552              [*default is 1500*]     baudrate 38400       [*default is 115200*]     shell csh            [*Or set to your shell type*]     compress             [*for cslip now not required with autodetection*]    Use slirp help to see command line options.  This is a good way    to "tweak" your settings. [*See the  slirp /docs directory*]    example: slirp -b 57600 [*57600 baud*]Valid commands:redir X              show X               redirbaudrate             special addr         control addrcompress             host addr            add execadd ptyexec          add emu              shelldebug                socket               log statsconfig               log start            dnshelp                 -h                   echokill                 close                statsexec                 ptyexec              unitwait                 quit                 passwordkeepalive            version              towrite_maxppp_exit             ppp                  -all-ac                  -am                  asyncmapdebugppp             -ip                  -mn-mru                 -pc                  +ua+pap                 -pap                 +chap-chap                -vj                  -vjccompvj-max-slots         escape               domainmru                  mtu                  initiate-optionsname                 user                 usehostnameremotename           auth                 proxyarplogin                lcp-echo-failure     lcp-echo-intervallcp-restart          lcp-max-terminate    lcp-max-configurelcp-max-failure      ipcp-restart         ipcp-max-terminateipcp-max-configure   ipcp-max-failure     pap-restartpap-max-authreq      pap-timeout          chap-restartchap-max-challenge   chap-interval        ipcp-accept-localipcp-accept-remote   bsdcomp              -bsdcomppapcryptFor more help type "help COMMAND" where command is eitherone of the above commands or a portion of a command.(or try slirp -h COMMAND)

Sample SLiRP Startup Messages

Slirp v1.0c (RELEASE)Copyright (c) 1995,1996 Danny Gasparovski and others.All rights reserved.This program is copyrighted, free software.Please read the file COPYRIGHT that came with the Slirppackage for the terms and conditions of the copyright.Reading config file: /ha2/llarrow/.slirprcSetting VJ compressionAdding execution of nntpd to port 119Setting baudrate to 38400IP address of Slirp host: address of your DNS(s):,, address is anything else you want)Type five zeroes (0) to exit.[talking CSLIP, MTU 552, MRU 552, 38400 baud]SLiRP Ready ...      

Note: 5 zeros (not too fast) in a row will kill slirp.

This will not work with "exec slirp".

SLiRP Technical Notes and Tips (OLD Stuff)

Here are some other SLiRP URLs you may find helpful.

If for some reason you can’t get SLiRP to compile on your system, try using a working binary that matches your UNIX flavor. SLiRP Binaries – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! If you have any problems with these binaries, e-mail the address of the person that compiled SLiRP NOT the author Danny Gasparovski.


Note: If you are a TIA user trying SLiRP take these precautions:

(1)  Make a backup of your current login.cmd, hosts and trumpwsk.ini.     I copied these files to login.tia, host.tia and trumpwsk.tia.(2)  Modify login.cmd, hosts and trumpwsk.ini for SLiRP.  I recommend     that you make backup copies called login.slp, etc.  I have created     a batch file for both tia and slip setups.     Sample slirp.bat batch file     copy trumpwsk.slp trumpwsk.ini     copy login.slp login.cmd     copy hosts.slp hosts

SLiRP vs TIA Settings

Sample SLiRP trumpwsk.ini and hosts file

Sample SLiRP login.cmd (updated for 1.0x)

Sample SLiRP bye.cmd

Yikes my disk quota!

After you have everything running, you can get rid of all the slirp files from the slirp-1.0x directory and the slirp-1.0x.tar. However, you might want to keep the files in docs directory, which includes the page. You can also run strip slirp to reduce the size of slirp. I’m a little paranoid so I made gzip slirp backup copy of the original unstripped slirp binary.

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