Howard Dean’s Karate School

Welcome to my Dojo!  This is the only karate site on the Internet where you can receive training on how to defeat your GOP opponent in the 2004 election. Unlike most of that wannabe Republican BS you hear from the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), I can tell how to beat the hell out those neocon nuts that are ruining this country. After all, wasn’t it the DLC that lost the last two elections?  I mean if you like bending over and kissing Bush’s ass like Joe Lieberman go right ahead, but remember if you do, you are going to lose big time!My message is simple and effective: FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!!

That’s it in a nutshell, folks.  Fight fire with fire, and let the Republicans have it right between the eyes with one of my five patented karate chops.

(1) Haito-uchi  [Ridge hand strike]

(2) Shuto-uchi [Sword hand strike]

(3) Empi-uchi [Elbow strike]

(4) Yama-tsuki [Wide “U” punch]

(5) Chuck that Throw Star

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