Bush Blames His Doppelganger for Weak Economy

Crawford, TX (IWR Satire) – President Bush (left) today put the blame for the sagging U.S. economy squarely on the shoulders of his “doppelganger”, Larry (right).

“Everything was going peachy keen until Larry here came up with all of that Axis of Evil crap last year.  Man, it just bummed everybody out, big time.

I mean every friggin’ day since last summer it has been nothing but – ‘March to War!  WMD!  Nucular Yellow Cakes!  Saddam This!  And Saddam That!’.

Jeezus Christ!  No wonder the economy is in the tank!  Instead of investing, people were buying duct tape and plastic sheeting to protect themselves from all those fake Orange Alerts.

BTW, is Ridge in on this too?

Anyway, if you’re out of work, remember, don’t blame me, blame my doppelganger, Larry,” said the President from the Western Whitehouse.

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