Pentagon Blimp System Debuts at Macy’s Parade

Pikachu at Macy’s Parade

New York City (IWR Satire) – The Boeing Corporation unveiled a prototype of the airship it would like to build for the new Pentagon Blimp System: Wall of Voodoo.   The Defense Department will announce the winner of the Wall of Voodoo contract in March 2003.

The Boeing blimp, code named “Pikachu”, will be just one of the tens of thousands needed for the Homeland Security Department’s new anti-terrorism defense strategy.

Pikachu at Cape Canaveral

Wall of Voodoo will deploy enough of these hi tech airships equipped with laser weapons and toaster ovens to surround the entire continent.  This should protect the U.S. from a potential missile strikes from rouge nations like Canada, Finland or Germany.

“Each airship will require a non-unionized civilian team of 175 individuals.  Most of these will be support personnel on the ground to operate the tethers that guide the dirigible on its path of missile discovery.

This design matches Pentagon’s blimp specifications and also is consistent with the Bush Administration’s recent goal of full employment by the year 2010,” said Deano Carlson, product manager from Boeing Blimps International.

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