“Let’s Execute That Liberal Mister Rogers” — Ann Coulter

mister_rogers.jpg (4336 bytes)
Mister Rogers

Washington (IWR Satire)  — Last Night on the O’Reilly Factor, Ann Coulter was quoted as saying that  Mister Rogers should be executed and used an example for liberals and all their tainted  offspring.

“I get tired of hearing Mister Rogers spout all this liberal gibberish about love, compassion and tolerance.   Mister Rogers has the worst possible advice for our kids.   I mean is he like gay or something?

Come on, we should teaching our children to hate terrorists and liberals, not love love them!  We should be converting all these Muslims to Christianity in first place.

I mean, would Mister Rogers let that demon possessed pedophile, Osama bin Laden, recruit children on his stupid show?  I think he would except for the fact that Osama is too tall to fit on that stupid little train anyway.  And what country do that puppet king and queen from?  Saudi Arabia?

We should be racially profiling all these sneaky Arabs regardless of the age.  You know you can’t trust any Arabs or liberals at all!  And being a pagan or Muslim child is no excuse.

We need a Zero Tolerance policy against all non-Christian religions and that includes those idol worshipping Catholics too.  Liberals like Mister Rogers, Tom Daschle, Phil Donahue and Saddam Hussein are so stupid that they need to be put out of their misery!

The American people know that jingoism, hate and elitism are much more important values to this country than squishy liberal ones like love, tolerance, compassion.

I mean give gag me with a spoon already,”  stated Miss Coulter.

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