What Would Jesus Drive?

Theologians Say Jesus Would Drive a 1958 Rambler

Virginia Beach (IWR Satire) – Inspired by the ‘What would Jesus drive?’ campaign, theologian and car buff, Reverend Tom Ryder, polled several of his colleagues to determine the type of vehicle Jesus would drive in our modern world.

“Based on results from the web page I put up on our ‘Theologian Car Buffs’ website, 75% of our members picked the classic fuel efficient 1958 Rambler Ambassador (pictured above), while 15% thought Jesus would drive a gas guzzling Hummer.

The remaining 10% was spread evenly among these models: the 1963 Ford Falcon, the 1977 Gremlin X and the 1974 Volkswagen Thing,” said Reverend Ryder at a special press briefing.

When questioned by the press about the cars other religious deities might drive, Ryder said, “It’s really not a hard question to answer about Jesus, especially if you have a strong background in Christian theology and motor vehicles like I do.

But if someone wanted to know which vehicle Muhammad or Buddha wanted to drive, that would take a lot more research.

Off the top of my head, though, I guess Buddha might drive a 1973 Honda Civic or perhaps a 1968 Opel Kadett.  Muhammad, on the other hand, would want something more macho like a 1966 Dodge Charger.”

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