IWR Art and Culture Archive

  • Belly Dancers and Harem Girls
    This is a great collection of images on harem girls and belly dancers.

Claudette Colbert in Cleopatra 1934

  • Road to Enlightenment
    An excellent collection of Southeast Asian Buddhist art from the Carlton Rochell gallery.

Prajnaparamita with Monks 12th Century

  • DI Cavalcanti
    Artist Di Cavalcanti is one of the great contributors to the development and modernization of art in Brazil.


Female with Stairs 1929

  • Eternal Egypt

Panel Portrait of a Woman 160-170 AD

  • The Splendors of China’s Forbidden City
    The Glorious Reign of Emperor Qianlong.

Court lady 1700-22

  • Shiori Matsumoto (Sugar N’ Spicy)
    These are great!

“Baldness” 2004

  • Nagasaki University Old Picture Database (MF)
    This is an extensive collection of images from the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period of Japan.

Girl in Kimono in the Meiji Era

  • Rabotando (Cipango)

Girl at the Graveyard

  • STARDUST Aerogel Photos


  • Eve and the Identity of Women
    “The story of Eve and its many misogynistic interpretations have over the centuries defined the image of woman in Western civilization.”

Lilith by John Collier 1887

  • Paul Klee
    Paul Klee on Art: “Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible.”

Senecio 1922

  • The Paintings of Katherine Dinger
    I like these. Here is a tutorial on how she created the pinup image below.


  • Drawings of Jim Dine
    “Jim Dine is a consummate draftsman whose images of tools, large-scale nudes, self-portraits, and studies from nature and after antiquity are among the most accomplished and beautiful drawings of our time.”

Pinocchio with Clippers 2002

  • Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (Plep)
    “Yoshitoshi Tsukioka was the last and greatest genius of traditional ukiyo-é.”

The Strong Woman Takashima Oiko 1890

  • Luca Matti (Cipango)
    These intriguing images remind me a bit of the work of Escher.

La Sitta Sorda 2003

  • Jeff Bohlander Illustration (Life In The Present)
    These are great.

The E-Commerce Connection

  • Chiura Obata (Plep)
    I liked the images of California, and this beautiful print of Mono Lake in particular.

Morning at Mono Lake 1930


  • Dolls of Innocence
    This is an amazing exhibit of dolls from Japan.

Doll by Yamayoshi Yuriko

  • Kai Akemi
    Kai Akemi’s fascinating gallery of dolls from Japan.

Spirit 1988

  • Vanessa Beecroft
    Venessa Beecroft’s surreal doll-like photographic compositions.

From the 1996 VB18 Exhibit

  • Ito Shinsui
    These are beautiful.

Misty Moon 1931

  • Hisashi Tenmyouya

Tatoo Man’s Battle 1996

  • Lesley Reppeteaux (Neurastenia)

The Nightmare Sisters

  • The Buddhist Protector: Yama Dharmaraja (Plep)

Yama Dharmaraja Mandala 1700s

  • Black Ships & Samurai (MF)

American Warship @1854


  • ‘Gauguin Tahiti’
    NYT Article and slide show on the Gauguin exhibit currently at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Two Tahitian Women, 1899

  • Indian Miniature Paintings – 1410 to 1976
    From the UC Berkeley, BAM/FA Museum.

Shiva from early 1800’s

  • 50 Years of Burrowing Gently Into Czech Culture
    NYT profile of animator Zdenek Miler and a nice gallery of Krtek images.

Krtek the Mole In Outer Sapce

  • Visual Arts of Japan
    A Georgetown University exhibit.

Sunrise by Narazaki Eisho

  • Lisa Uskavage
    I like the intimacy of Lisa’s artwork.

Preening 2003

  • Richard May (Neurastenia)
    Weird stuff from Russia.

The Face

  • Mary Ellen Mark
    Twenty fascination photos of twins.


  • Japan Medicine Package Museum (Geisha)
    These are great.  [Babelfish]

Space Themes

  • Burpee – Cover Gallery
    These are nice on the eyes.

1890 Front Cover


  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    MIA has an extensive collection of over 1700 images from Asia and an interesting exhibit on the art of world religions.

Love for a Farmer’s Wife
Utamaro Kitagawa c. 1795-1796

Penitent Magdalene
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo c. 1650-65

  • First Call
    American Posters of World War One from the collection of Roger N. Mohovich.

The Spirit of America

  • Stamps of Japan

Ukiyo-e print 1958

  • Vintage British Railway Posters

I’ll see you at Aberystwyth
Bruce Angrave, d.1983

  • George Bellows at the NGA
    I love the colors in the painting of the nude below.

Nude with Hexagonal Quilt, 1924

  • Art of Susanne Iles

Nu Kua, Chinese Creation Goddess

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