David Kay to Search for WMD on Mars

WASHINGTON (IWR News Parody) – The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) head David Kay has announced that his team will commandeer the Spirit Rover on Mars in pursuit of Iraq’s WMD.

“First off I would like to say that it is only a coincidence that ISG (700 Million) and the NASA budget (820 Million) where about the same.

Unfortunately for tax payers, not only has ISG been able to find any WMD, but we have not been able to find any receipts for the money that ISG has spent to-date.

Frankly, I think NASA’s Rover project will have better luck finding life on Mars!

We all know that Saddam Hussein had WMD.  After all, the president, vice president and secretary of state, etc. wouldn’t lie to the American people would they?

I mean, if they weren’t lying, that would mean that this administration is incredibly incompetent, and we can’t have people thinking that before an election, now can we?

The president already is embarrassed enough by the Homeland Security and Justice Departments!

Therefore, we need to vigorously keep looking for WMD on Mars, Venus, asteroids, Wal-Marts, Neverland, etc. at least until November 2004 election!  After that, who gives a damn,” said Kay.

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