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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoon – Bush Now Says ‘Afghanistan Sucks’, Incompetent, Liar, Poll, Neocon, Nutcase, Loony, Wingnut, Humor, Joke, Satire, Parody

George W. Bush & Karl Rove – Parody News Cartoon

Bush Now Says ‘Afghanistan Sucks’

BUTTCRACK CREEK, WV (IWR News Satire) – President Bush on Friday backpedaled on his claim for success in Afghanistan.

“What I really meant to say before was that Afghanistan sucks, not that Afghanistan was a success. Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t suck as bad as it did under the Taliban.  At least, that’s what Rummy tells me. And you know, ah, er, Rummy has always been right about these things before, ah, well he’s right sometimes?  Wait a minute, when has that SOB ever been right about anything?

Oh and another thing, when I said before that freedom was important in this war on terrorism, well what I really meant to say was oil is important,” said Mr. Bush

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