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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoon – Bush Calls Missing Link Fake – Cartoon, Satire

IWR Bush Cartoon – Bush Calls Missing Link Fake – Cartoon, Satire

George W. Bush – Evolution Denier – Parody News Cartoon

Bush Calls Missing Link Fake

CHUPACABRA, TX (IWR News Satire) – President Bush on Thursday called the missing link between fish and mammals a fake.

"I know you godless liberals out there think I’m just some loony evolution denier, but my hand picked evangelical scientists from NASA reassured me this morning that no fossil can be older than the earth, which according to the King Henry VIII version of the bible is only 6,000 years old. 

Besides, every Star Trek fan in the universe knows, that’s really just the Gorn captian from episode 19," said Mr. Bush, whose head twitched repeatedly during the press conference.



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