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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoon – White House Holds Terrorist Spelling Bee

IWR Bush Cartoon – White House Holds Terrorist Spelling Bee

Bush Administration – Parody News Cartoon

White House Holds Terrorist Spelling Bee

WASHINGTON (IWR News Satire) – In an effort to improve its dubious record on reducing world terrorism, the White House today held what it billed as the first "Annual Terrorist Spelling Bee" in the Rose Garden. 

"If you can’t spell a terrorist’s name right in the first place, how the heck are you supposed to find these evil doers in the phone book?

Unfortunately, we spent billions of dollars on this dumb war in Iraq just because some sloppy intelligence jerk misspelled Saddam’s name, and Hussein ended up in Rummy’s terrorist briefing book by mistake!

And then because there was a typo in Osama’s last name, we ended up arresting and wrongly holding several Amish families from Pennsylvania as enemy combatants!

That’s why we’re having this spelling bee today to get things right or at least spell things right anyway," said Mr. Bush.



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