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IWR Cartoons – McCain Drops A-Bomb On Himself

IWR Cartoons – McCain Drops A-Bomb On Himself

John "The Chameleon" McCain – Parody News Cartoon

McCain Drops A-Bomb On Himself

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EXPEDIENCY, MI (IWR News Satire) – John McCain took a bold, heroic, stand and blamed Bill Clinton for North Korea having the atomic bomb. 

Mr. McCain who has been known to say or do anything to appease the conservative base said:

"Clinton should have had the psychic ability to not only predict that Al Gore would be defeated in 2000, but also know that we Republicans would just blow a lot of hot air in North Korea’s direction and then just sit on our fat, goddamn, asses for the next six years and do next to nothing.

Besides, my campaign advisor says that the best way to placate the Republican base is to blame everything on Clinton. 

BTW, why didn’t Clinton take care of this Foley scandal on his watch too?

Sure, I’m a two-faced spineless worm, but how else can I get nominated by this corrupt party of back stabbing Neo-Nazis and Theocrats if I don’t suck up to them?

Sorry, I got to run. 

I have to be at a convention later with James Dobson where I’m going to blame 9/11 and global warming on the gays," said McCain to reporters with straight face.



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