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IWR Photo Cartoon – San Diego Chicken Enters California Governor’s Race

IWR Photo Cartoon – San Diego Chicken Enters California Governor’s Race

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IWR Photo Cartoon Parody

The San Diego Chicken Will Run as the

LaRouche Candidate in the California Recall Election

SACRAMENTO, CA (IWR Satire) — The San Diego Chicken on Saturday filled papers to be on the ballot in the California recall election.  The chicken will be running as the official Lyndon LaRouche Labor Party candidate on the October ballot.

"You know, I am not getting any younger, and I figured that this would be my best chance ever to be elected to statewide office.

Because the field is so large, I decided to go for lunatic fringe vote in California, which as everybody knows is quite substantial.  Why, there must still be thousands of disenfranchised former Stalinist Labor Party members, who will need a pantomime chicken to rally around," said the chicken to cheering supporters.

Free Kim Jong Il for Governor Poster!

Free Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster!


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