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IWR Reader Challenge

Think you can do a better Photoshop cartoon than IWR?  Well now is your chance to prove it.  IWR is issuing the "Where in the World is Saddam San Diego" Reader Challenge.  Please send entries to internetweekly@internetweekly.org. Try to keep them under 50KB please.  The winner will be determined by page views.

Current IWR Parodies

Updated Frequently
  • Sen. Rick Santorum GOP Playing Card

  • The Commander-In-Chimp

Me Tarzan.  He Chimp.

  • Saddam Hussein’s Favorite Singer Iraqi Playing Card

  • Women Support Socialized Drinking Legislation

National Happy Hour

  • Close to You – An IWR Karaoke Sing-A-Long

They planned it this way, didn’t they?

More Rummy

  • Hans Blix to Lead U.N. Inspection Team On Hunt For Leprechauns in Ireland

"Leprechauns or WMD,

what’s the Difference?" said Mr. Blix

  • Iraqi Information Minister Says The Detroit Tigers Will Win the World Series

Comical Ali’s Pitch

  • Rummy’s Mind Meld

Can he do it?

  • Rush Limbaugh, Denies Authoritarian Clown Charges

Remember this is only satire.

So hold the Neo-McCarthyite hate mail please!

  • The Adventures of Shrub Baby – Islamic State


  • Where in the World is Saddam San Diego?

Saddam likes those buffalo wings

  • U.S. Military Nabs Key Iraqi Conspirator

  • SARS Hotline

  • The Invisible Man


  • Jug Ears Speaks with Forked Tongue


  • Terrorist Abu Abbas Arrested at Subway’s

  • King James Version of the Bill of Rights

  • Iraqi Information Minister to Marry Monica Lewinski

  • Rummy’s Magic Vase

  • Saddam Hussein Spotted at the Damascus Starbucks


The Week in Humor and Kitsch

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding?

He must be listening to the MPEG below.

Almost Patriotic 😉

  • The Iraqi Information Minister Doll

    It was only a matter of time I guess.  That the man who said: "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!", would have an action figure made in his honor. This site has a few select videos of Comical Ali. [Real]


  • Honda’s Accord Commercial (UI

    This is a great commercial.  I wonder how long it took them to set up all of the Rube Goldberg effects?  [Flash]


  • CNN Obituaries Discovered

    According to the Smoking Gun, some Farker found these obituaries, e.g., Dick Cheney, Fidel Castro, etc. on CNN.  CNN then shut off access 20 minutes after the links were Farked.


  • Vandals Loot Rumsfeld’s Home

    It’s nice to see that Bob Hirschfeld feels Rummy’s pain. 😉


  • 45 More Legislators Lose Jobs To Increased Congressional Automation

    Clever satire from the Onion.


  • Strong Bad’s Latest Email

    Strong Bad recalls his best emails. [Flash]


  • The Three Stooges Online Filmography  (

    The Threestooges.net is a great site.  Lots of Real videos, sounds, and images.  Here are two sounds from my favorite shorts: Moe! Larry! Cheese! and Dr. Howard. 

As the Blog Turns


  • Clone’O’Matic PDA

    The Clone’O’Matic lets you create silly combinations of faces from Saddam, Dubya, Elvis, etc.  It also displays random video clips of Comical Ali, the Iraqi Information Minister.  [Flash]

  • Compassionate Conservatism

    The descent of man? 😉

  • ‘Most Wanted’ Novelties Boost Iraqi Economy

    A timely satire from The Specious Report.

  • Flash Kitty Kat

    I like this little kitty kat and no kitty litter is needed either. [Flash]

  • Parade of Robots

    Robots theme for this "Photoshop Phriday" from Something Awful. [PG Language]

  • Coverage Interruptus

    Mark Fiore on the news media’s tunnel vision. [Flash]

  • White House Officials: 9/11 Was Main Reason for War

    The Bush Administration should have zero credibility with anyone keeping track of their shifting flavor of the month reasons of why they wanted to go to war with Iraq, e.g., 9/11, nuclear weapons, regime change, free the Iraqi people, WMD, terrorist connections, Iraq is a threat to America, etc.  None of these really provided justification for a pre-emptive war.  What did we liberate first?  We liberated the oil fields and the oil ministry of course.  BS is BS no matter who says it, and that includes the President of the USA!


  • Entertaining McCarthyism (SC

    Ellis Henican asks the key question: "Can loyalty oaths be far behind?"


  • Over 167,000 Page Views in April

    This has been our best month by far at IWR.  In April, this site has gotten over 167,000 page views already.  Although you have really have to wonder about a site, that places near the top in Google searches for phrases like "French Tickler", "Iraqi Playing Cards" and "SARS Hotline".  😉

  • Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards of  Looted Museum Art (BB

    Rummy’s Magic Vases?

  • A ‘Voice for Inclusion’

    Richard Cohen sticks it to yet another GOP bigot, Sen. Rick Santorum.

    In 2001, 1,393 hate crimes were committed against gay and bisexual Americans — 14.3 percent of total hate crimes. This was clearly a spontaneous effort on the part of some non-elites to contain matters before — as night follows day — incest, polygamy and foot fetishism are made legal, maybe even compulsory, throughout this great country of ours and even taught in our godless public schools.

    Deconstructing Santorum is no easy matter. His logic is Euclidean, his analogies Limbaughian, and he has, I must add, a stern countenance that in no way bespeaks the resolute voice for inclusion he really is. But he does, I think, raise a profound question that he ought to answer himself: If you have the orientation of a moron, do you still have to talk like one?

  • Dixie Chicks’ nude protest

    The Dixie Chicks get my vote.  Every notice that the people who complain most about "political correctness" are the same people most likely to brand their opponents as traitors?


  • Boohbah

    I’m not quite sure what this is all about, but it’s a very creative use of Flash.

  • Weebl and Bob – Clowns

    More Hats for Clowns songs.  A hand washed turkey? [Flash]

  • George W. Bush’s Resume

    Would you hire this guy?

  • Israel’s WMD (

    Can you say hypocrisy?

  • Hawks Rip Into Mideast Plan

    The last thing that the Neo-cons want is peace between Israel and Palestine.  These are some really sick puppies.


  • Greasel.com (SD

    It isn’t just for breakfast anymore.  Now you can eat your grease and drive it to.  Don’t be intimidated by the high technology

  • New Fox Reality Show To Determine Ruler Of Iraq

    Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

  • Our Top Priorities

    Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow.

  • Chest Banging, Here and There

    Maureen Dowd on the Dubya et al.

    The Bushies pretend that we don’t want an all-access pass to Iraqi bases (we do); that we are not interested in influencing the disposition of Iraqi oil (we are); that we will stay out of Iraqi politics, even if they go fundamentalist (we won’t); and that we will leave Iraq soon (we can’t).

  • Iraqi Shi’ites March

    Yahoo reports "Hundreds of thousands of Shi’ite Muslims thronged the holy city of Kerbala in a pilgrimage marked by religious fervor and slogans denouncing the continuing presence of U.S. troops in Iraq".  I turn on CNN and that dork Aaron Brown reports that "thousands" marched.  There is a difference!  All I want is the truth for Christ sakes, and I think everybody else does too.  The Bush administration didn’t plan it this way, did they?


Arts and Culture

Eagle Tipi

  • Tokyo National Museum

    If I ever make it back to Tokyo, I’m going to have to check this museum out.

The poet Ki no Tsurayuki

at the Aridoshi Shrine.

  • The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection (SR

    This is a wonderful treasure trove of sheet music.  I found the Civil War sections especially interesting, but there are many other fascinating categories.  Please note that you can browse by cover.  There is even a minstrel section.

Down With the Traitors Serpent Flag

  • John Heartfield (SP

    Many images of John Heartfield’s anti-Hitler campaign artwork.

The Nazification of the Church

  • Japan SAQ (Seldom Asked Questions) (GA

    Everything you always wanted to know about Japan, but were afraid to ask.  For example, ever wonder what they wear beneath those kimonos?

The Kimono FAQ has the answer

Pretty in Pink?

  • Horror Movie Posters (SP

    This site has a large collection of horror movie posters.  I had never seen this poster before from the 1932 Movie Freaks.  I also liked Satan’s Satellites a lot too.

Controversial Freaks Movie 1932

Science and Technology


CNET Tech. News

Dan Gillmor


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Sky and Telescope


The Week in Science and Technology

  • Distributed computers power new search engine

    Interesting article on Grub web crawler project is based on the SETI concept.

    A distributed computing project called Grub, which harnesses individual users’ spare computing power and internet bandwidth, began cataloguing millions of web pages this week.


  • Parallel Universes (SD

    Parallel universes seem to be supported by
    astronomical observations.

    Is there a copy of you reading this article?

    Do Do Do Do

Psychology, History and Evolution

How male or female is your brain?

Guardian (04/17/2003)

Most ancient DNA ever?

BBC (04/17/2003)

‘Earliest writing’ found in China

BBC (04/17/2003)

Ancient Odeon gave restricted views

Nature (04/16/2003)

Oldest evidence of Andean religion found

Nature (04/15/2003)

Astronomy, Physics and Space

A Mathematician’s World of Doughnuts and Spheres

NYT (04/20/2003)

Environment and Nature

Iraq: The State of the Postwar Environment

NG (04/18/2003)

Relief on the Way to Animals and Humans in Iraq

ENS (04/18/2003)

Satellite keeps watch on disaster hazard

BBC (04/17/2003)

Vietnam dioxin spray estimate quadruples

Nature (04/17/2003)

Bush Administration Tackles Nonroad Diesel

ENS (04/15/2003)


Premature-ageing gene found

Nature (04/17/2003)

Security, Utilities, Hacks and Patches

Office workers give away passwords for a cheap pen

The Register (04/17/2003)

CNN Blames Obituary Blunder on Human Error

Wired (04/17/2003)

Homeland Security Dept. Fills Privacy Post

TechNews (04/16/2003)


Political News and Commentary

A tale of two photos

 Child’s Poster (Japan)


The Osama Clock

Political  Commentary


American Politics

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Art Buchwald

E. J. Dionne Jr.

Maureen Dowd

Molly Ivins

Robert Novak

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New Yorker




The Weekly Political Rant


  • Tea helps fight off infections

    I should drink more green tea.

  • Fast food comes to Iraq

    That was quick.

  • What Monty Python Character are you? – Quizilla

    Parrot shop owner perhaps?

  • 300 reasons why we love The Simpsons

    Yep, 300.

  • Rebuilding Iraq

    A Clay Bennett Escher Political Cartoon.

  • Hunt for Iraqi Arms Erodes Assumptions

    Bush launched and justified the war with a flat declaration of knowledge "that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction." Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, who took the lead public role in defending that proposition, said, among other particulars, that "our conservative estimate is that Iraq today has a stockpile of between 100 and 500 tons of chemical weapons" agents.

  • I Said That?

    Pretty fair appraisal of the war to-date.  Like Kristof and most people I imagine, I thought the street fighting in Baghdad would have been severe.  I also thought there would be more civilian casualties.  It turns out that Saddam Hussein’s regime was indeed a paper tiger and certainly not a threat to this great nation.  I still don’t support the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive war, but I hope now there will be peace in both Iraq and in the USA.


  • Spot the Weapon of Mass Destruction

    "Fun for the whole family," claims the The Rockall Times.

  • Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act

    American cities tell Bush and Ashcroft that they can take their Patriot Act an stuff it.  Say no to authoritarian government!

  • War. What Is it Really Good For?

    Nothing except for Big Business.  according to Bob Herbert of the NYT. 

    The blatant war-mongering followed immediately by profiteering inevitably raise questions about the real reasons American men and women have been fighting and dying in Iraq. President Bush told us the war was about weapons of mass destruction and the need to get rid of the degenerate Saddam. There was also talk about democracy taking root in Iraq and spreading like spring flowers throughout the Arab world.

    The two things that were never openly discussed, that never became part of the national conversation, were oil and money. Those crucial topics were left to the major behind-the-scenes operators, many of whom are now cashing in.


  • Treasure our freedom to ask questions (BF

    Mitch Albom explains that freedom means being able to ask those tough questions of those in authority without having your patriotism questioned.


  • Anthrax, chemicals and nerve gas: who is lying? (SC

    Andrew Gumbel of the Independent says there is growing evidence of deception by Washington.


  • Jon Stewart’s Perfect Pitch

    Frank Rich on Jon Stewart’s Daily show.


  • A Tale of Two Fridays

    Maureen Dowd gets it right once again.

    Instead of hectoring those who expressed any doubt about the difficulty of occupying Iraq, the conservatives should worry about their own self-parody: pandering to the base by blessing evangelical Christians who want to proselytize Muslims; protecting their interests by backing a shady expat puppet; pleasing their contributors by pre-emptively awarding rebuilding contracts to Halliburton and Bechtel; and swaggering like Goths as Iraq’s cultural heritage goes up in flames.


  • No role for UN in weapons hunt

    Yet another bad decision by the Bushites.  Having UN inspectors participate under US jurisdiction would have added credibility to any WMD discovery.  Now most of the world will view any such future evidence with skepticism.


  • Plea to end Baghdad chaos

    The International Red Cross makes a plea to US forces to restore power and other services to avert a growing health crisis.  See also Stealing Water Exacerbates Shortage in Basra.


  • Liberty’s Decline in Bush’s America

    Computer writer Dan Gillmor makes the point that Bush, not Ashcroft, is the real threat to liberty!

The Weekly Rant Continued





  • Robert Fisk: Priceless documents are set ablaze in final chapter of the sacking of Baghdad

    How tragic.  How could we let this happen?

    So yesterday was the burning of books. First came the looters, then the arsonists. It was the final chapter in the sacking of Baghdad. The National Library and Archives ­ a priceless treasure of Ottoman historical documents, including the old royal archives of Iraq ­ were turned to ashes in 3,000 degrees of heat. Then the library of Korans at the Ministry of Religious Endowment was set ablaze.

  • Now Free to Protest, Iraqis Complain About Americans

    We won the war, but the winning the peace will not be so easy.

  • Baghdad Did Not Fall – It Was Handed Over

    Something sure seems fishy with the way all the Saddam’s troops just vanished into the woodwork.



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