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IWR Cartoon – New Giant Rat Species Found- Beckus Dickheadus – Glenn Beck, Conservative, GOP, Cartoon Cartoons

IWR Cartoon – New Giant Rat Species Found- Beckus Dickheadus – Glenn Beck, Conservative, GOP,  Cartoon Cartoons

New Giant Rat Species Found – Beckus Dickheadus


Papua New Guinea (IWR Satire) – A new species of giant rat, one of the largest and ugliest ever found, has been discovered deep in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.

The rat, which has no fear of white humans, measures 6 feet long, placing it among the largest species of rat known anywhere in the world.

The creature (Beckus Dickheadus) was discovered by an expedition team filming the BBC program – “Lost Land of the Volcano Nazis”.

Like the other exotic racist species, the rat is believed to live within the Mount Bosavi crater, and nowhere else except perhaps on Fox News.

“Beckus Dickheadus is one of the world’s largest rats. It is a true rat, the same kind you find in the city sewers,” says Dr Alto Sax, a mammalogist based at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History who accompanied the BBC expedition team.

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