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GOP Republican Most Wanted Iraqi Playing Cards

GOP Republican Most Wanted Iraqi Playing Cards

GOP Republican “Most Wanted” Iraqi Playing Cards

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Note: My apologies to those of you that have inquired about purchasing individual decks of cards, but I have been unable to find a printer in the USA, i.e., not one who is brave enough to produce my cards anyway.  They are afraid of lawsuits from the GOP.

At this point, I am looking for a partner who can function as a business manager and who could spend some time trying to get these cards printed offshore, etc.  I have already converted all these cards to Adobe Illustrator.

Please contact me at the Internet Weekly if you are interested in such a partnership.

GOP Most Wanted Cards List

Kenneth Adelman
Roger Ailes
John Ashcroft
Fred Barnes
William Bennett
David Brooks
Jeb Bush
Laura Bush
Laura Bush – Take 2
King George Bush
George Bush
Dick Cheney
Lynne Cheney
Rep. Howard Coble
Ann Coulter
Barbara Cubin
Tom Delay
Rev. Jerry Falwell
Sen. Bill Frist
Jonah Goldberg
Alan Greenspan
Orrin Hatch
David Horowitz
Asa Hutchinson
Henry Hyde
Laura Ingraham
Michael Powell – FCC Chairman
William Kristol
Larry Kudlow
Rush Limbaugh
Trent Lott
John McLaughlin
Dennis Miller
Rupert Murdoch
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Gale Norton
Robert Novak
Bill O’Reilly
Keith Payne
Richard Perle
Colin Powell
Marc Racicot
Tom Ridge
Pat Robertson
Donald Rumsfeld
Karl Rove
Sen. Rick Santorum
Michael Savage
Antonin Scalia
Joe Scarborough
George Shultz
John Snow
Ken Starr
Andrew Sullivan
James Tarantino
Tommy Thompson
Clarence Thomas
Paul Wolfowitz
R. James Woolsey

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