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France Celebrates Jerry Lewis Day

France Celebrates Jerry Lewis Day

Best of IWR – France Celebrates Jerry Lewis Day

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France Celebrates Jerry Lewis Day

Paris, France— Prime Minister Lionel Jospin proclaimed March 8th to be a national holiday honoring comedian Jerry Lewis.    "I encourage all my fellow Frenchmen to act foolish all day long by making funny faces and silly noises." said Jospin. 

In addition to having his own National Holiday, Jerry Lewis was awarded one of France’s highest and most distinguished honors the French Legion of Honor in 1984.  

Mr. Lewis is "worshipped" by many in France as a sort of comic deity.   In fact, Many Parisian residents have small plaster statues of the "Nutty Professor" in their gardens.   Residents of Alsace, it is said, prefer bronze statues of  the "Geisha Boy".

In a recent survey of French school children, 81% said they wanted to be like Jerry Lewis when they grow up.  Only 7% said they wanted to be like French philosopher Voltaire. 

USA Celebrates Jerry Lewis Day Too

Mr. Bush’s

Jerry Lewis Impersonation.

Washington, DC— Not to be out done by the French, George W. Bush proclaimed that March 8th would be a national holiday honoring Jerry Lewis in the United States too.  "Shoot. We can act  more goofy than those snooty French bastards any day!" said Mr. Bush. 

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