Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – California Bans Farting In Public

IWR Cartoon – California Bans Farting In Public

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Cartoon

California Bans Farting In Public

SACRAMENTO, CA (IWR Satire) – California became the first state in the country to ban farting in public today after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law the measure to criminalize public flatulence.  In order to help enforce this law, California authorities will install stinkometers at key locations throughout the state. These stinkometers will be able to detect the foul emissions of offenders regardless if the fart generated was silent or not. In addition, the stinkometers will be able to extract and identify the lawbreakers DNA from the gaseous particles.  In addition to being fined $1000, convicted farters will also have to wear a modified catalytic converter, which will be chained to their buttocks, for 90 days to prevent future infractions.

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