Internet Weekly Report – Issue 83 – Week of 07/21/2003

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Clarence Thomas

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Iraqi Info. Minister

WMD and Iraq

Saddam San Diego

GOP Playing Cards

Dubya et al

Shrub Baby


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San Francisco Peace March (02/16/2003)

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Cheney to be Replaced by ASIMO

Laura Bush Meets Kim Jong Il

Bill Thomas’ Painful Lesson

Rummy’s New Brain

He knows the Answers

To Tell The Truth

First Annual Moron Summit

Saddam Hussein Finishes Second In Hemingway Look-Alike Contest

George Bush’s Recurring Nightmare

Who’s on First?

Sgt. Tenet Schultz

"I know nothing, nothing!"

Greenspan Blames Krugman For Sluggish Economy

Grant Denies Having Sex With Beyonce

Clarence Thomas GOP Card

Bush Fails Lie Detector Test

IWR Interviews the Democratic Presidential Challengers

Is There a Cancer Growing of the Presidency?

Wal-Mart Introduces the Laura Bush Pants Suit

Dick Cheney Breaks Down in Tears

Bush Meets with Nigeria’s Pajama People

Tom Ridge Issues Rubber Ducky Alert

The Nucular Patsy

Tenet Takes One

Photo "Proves" Bush Wasn’t Lying

Africa Screams

Who’s on First?

Bush’s African Crisis

Bush Makes Pitch to "Joe Six-Pack"

Bush Gets Lost in the White House Hedges

Kenneth Adelman

DNA Test Shows: Schwarzenegger Not Qualified to Run For Governor of California

President Bush Bonds With Washington’s Inner City Youth

Bush Declares Spotted Owls to be Enemy Combatants

Bill Frist, Gays and Cat Autopsies

Dubya Falls Off the Wagon Again

The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant

Ashcroft Quarantines the Supreme Court

Condi Reveals Her Post-Impeachment Plans

Bush Blames Tree Quotas For Forest Fires



Note: It looks like New York Times columnist and Princeton professor, Paul Krugman, enjoyed IWR’s spoof on Alan Greenspan.  In fact, on his website at Princeton, Mr. Krugman admits that he is indeed responsible for the state of the economy.  I also noticed in my web server log several hits from the federal reserve board.


Oh My!

  • Mos Deficit

    More fun from the Daily Show. [Real]




Chinese Window

V.V. Kuptsov, ANT-20 (Maxim Gorky). 1934

Natalia Goncharova, Collecting Fruit 1900

Internment Camp Family

  • How Fela Landed Me in Jail

    Be sure to check out the NYT’s Flash on Fela.  It is one of the better uses of Flash I’ve seen for reporting.  I wish someone like Martin Scorsese would make a movie of Fela’s weird life.

Fela Kuti – One of a Kind

Cap Anson, First Baseman,

Chicago White Stockings

Beautiful Things

White Tara: The Divine Mother


Blog Rolls

Free Aung San Suu Kyi

Support the ACLU!

Stop George in 2004!

 Child’s Poster (Japan)


The Osama Clock

Political  Commentary


American Politics

American Prospect


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On Lisa Rein’s Radar

Michael Moore

Mother Jones


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Ruminate This



Smirking Chimp (SC)

Town Hall

Weekly Standard




Note: I just want you wisenheimers out there, e.g., Iconomy  who think that this is just some low brow site, to take note of the following high rankings that this site gets on Google.

For example,  try these query strings: monkey pox photo, French TicklerorPaul Wolfowitz photo.  I mean, is that class or what?  Enough said.

BTW, anyone know what’s up with the Solipsistic Gazette?  The lights are on, but nobody’s home?

Have a Nice Riot

  • Pizza Cuts Cancer Risk?

    Good news for a change.  Eat a lot of pizza and you could live to be 500

  • Yummy! (NR

    This is pretty silly even for the Japanese.  This is why I almost starved when I was in Japan.

  • Communist Store Windows (IC

    Interest collection of communist store windows late from 1990 and earlier.

  • Bloggers Select The 20 Greatest Figures In American History

    Hey where’s Dubya?  This has to be a joke right?  Ronald Reagan tied Thomas Jefferson for the top spot.  No way. No women in the top twenty?  Figures.  I guess it’s really true that the difference between republicans and democrats is that the republicans believe their own lies! 😉  I read that in some forum I found via my web server log. So, it must be true. 😉


















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