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Louise Brooks Videos on YouTube

Louise Brooks Videos on YouTube


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Louise Brookson YouTube

Louise Brooks [Bio 1906-1985]
Thanks to Netflix, I have now seen several Louise Brooks movies. Pandora’s Box her was greatest movie, which was directed by G. W. Pabst in Berlin.  It’s now one of my favorite movies of all time. The close ups of Lulu (Louise Brooks) are simply enchanting.  Her timeless beauty and talent as a silent era actress are truly remarkable.  My eyes were just glued to the screen by her beautiful expressions, bright eyes, bob hair cut, long smooth neck and back.

Louise Brooks

PANDORA’S BOX – Lulu’s “Mr Brightside”
This is a video taken from clips of Pandora’s Box, which I think is quite well done.  I also like the music by the Killers.

Louise Brooks in Berlin
This is a clip from the documentary “Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu”, which is a pretty decent film about Louise Brooks.

Louise Brooks – A Tribute in Color
This a video of several sacrilegious colorized photos of Miss Brooks.

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