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IWR Cartoons – Bush Treated For Violent Temper Tantrums

IWR Cartoons – Bush Treated For Violent Temper Tantrums

George W. Bush – Parody News Cartoon

Bush Treated For Violent Temper Tantrums

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WASHINGTON (IWR News Satire) – Tony Snow confirmed this morning that President Bush is being treated for acute violent temper tantrums as a result of the recent string of bad news. Well-informed sources reported that Mr. Bush was so upset with Bob Woodward’s State of Denial book, the horrible situation in Iraq, his sinking poll numbers and embarrassing Foley scandal that the president began breaking Mary Todd Lincoln’s prized dinner dishes and kicking poor Barney.  First Lady Laura "Pickles" Bush called the psychiatric unit at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and Mr. Bush was put in a straitjacket, medicated with Thorazine and made to sit in the naughty chair for several hours until he calmed down.

Inspiration: "He’s (Bush) ticked off big-time," said a well-informed source,

"even if what they said was the truth."


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