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IWR Parody – CIA TV

IWR Parody – CIA TV

IWR Parody –CIA TV

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IWR Satire


Do you believe the CIA "Oil Barrel Story" proves that Bush wasn’t lying about WMD?



The Blitzkrieg Report

Empty Oil Barrels Prove Bush Administration’s WMD Claims

Washington (IWR Satire) – CIA TV has learned that 10,000 empty oil drums were found at an Iraqi Oil Ministry warehouse outside of Baghdad. 

According to former Iraqi officials, the containers were supposed to be used for storing crude oil.  However, it is clear to this seasoned CIA reporter that these oil barrels must have had another more sinister purpose, i.e., to store the thousands of tons of chemical and biological weapons, as claimed to exist by the Bush Administration.

While this evidence is not necessarily a smoking gun, it most certainly is a convenient CIA smokescreen.  Please let us know how you feel by taking our web poll.

About the Show

Wolf Blitzkrieg is the anchor of the CIA’s Wolf Blitzkrieg Reports, a nightly newscast that debuted in December 2000. The program focuses on the day’s top CIA misinformation news, live interviews with top Bush Administration toadies and live debriefs with CIA agents around the United States and the world. Blitzkrieg also hosts Late Edition with Wolf Blitzkrieg, the only CIA Sunday talk show seen in more than 200,000 countries and territories.

Iraqi "Oil Barrels"

See Jack Cafferty weekday mornings on CIA TV.


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