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IWR Photo Cartoons – GOP Playing Cards – William Bennett

IWR Photo Cartoons – GOP Playing Cards – William Bennett

IWR PhotoCartoons – GOP Playing Cards – William Bennett

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IWR Cartoons

William Bennett

GOP Playing Card

Atlantic City (IWR Satire) – The Bookie of Virtue, William Bennett, shooting craps with two of his GOP gambling buddies, Karl Rove and Paula Jones.

Newsweek – In his best-selling anthology, “The Book of Virtues,” William J. Bennett writes: “We should know that too much of anything, even a good thing, may prove to be our undoing … [We] need to set definite boundaries on our appetites.”

Bad Bet by Bill Bennett

Michael Kinsley on Bill Bennett’s hypocrisy.

He claims to have won more than he has lost, which is virtually (that word again!) impossible playing the machines as Bennett apparently does. If he’s not in denial, then he’s simply lying, which is a definite non-virtue. And he’s spraying smarm like the worst kind of cornered politician — telling The Post, for example, that his gambling habit started with "church bingo."

Bonus – Bill Bennett’s Virtual Gambler Songbook

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