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GOP Playing Cards
Iraqi Info. Minister
Karl Rove Comics
WMD and Iraq
Saddam San Diego
Ann Coulter Blog
Dubya et al
Conservative Music CDs
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Silly Music
April Winchell

Song-Poem Music

Mad Magazine’s Gulf Wars Poster
by Mad Magazine

Hu’s On First?
by James Sherman

Flight of the Chickenhawks
by toostupidtobepresident

Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’
by The Onion (01/18/2001!)



Notes:I always post new items in my blog before I add them in the archive.



A Goth Girl Sucker

  • Paintings of Light
    Another Photoshop Phriday from Something Awful.

  • SkyHigh Airlines (MC
    A spoof airline site.

  • Scientists work out formula to end fear of chopsticks
    An you thought Fermat’s Last Theorem was hard.

  • 2004 State of the Union Address
    A satire from White House Dot Org.

  • Unstable Union Speech
    Photo cartoons from All Hat and No Cattle.

  • Howard Dean Remixes
    One of many Howard Dean remix sites from Dean’s Iowa concession speech.  Is the Star Wars Kid Meets Howard Dean Video ready yet?  Also, see MTV’s Remixers Make Howard Dean’s Scream Funky And Danceable

  • the Creatures in my Head (MF
    I like these.

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force Soundboard
    From the cartoon of the same name.  Pack a bag.  We’re going to Memphis.

  • George Bush’s state of the union address
    A cartoon by Steve Bell.

  • Scientists Abandon AI Project After Seeing The Matrix
    A satire by the Onion.

  • Infograph: State of the Union Address

  • Karl Rove, Renaissance Man
    The latest This Modern World comic.

  • State of Disunion Crossword Puzzle
    A satire by Mad Kane.

  • cat (ML
    This is ridiculous.

  • Microsoft Takes on Teen Over Web Site – Mike Rowe Soft (DB)
    Rowe registered the name in August. In November, he received a letter from Microsoft’s Canadian lawyers, Smart & Biggar, informing him he was committing copyright infringement.

  • Monkey Pants in space
    A hysterically funny Photoshop challenge from Fark. Well, some of them are anyway. 😉

  • Web Economy BS generator (MF
    Spice up that next PowerPoint presentation with some proper corporate BS.

  • Paul O’Neill Cartoons (Plep
    Newspaper political cartoons compiled by Slate.

  • State of the Union Address Drinking Game 2004
    It nice to see that college students are still up to no good.

  • Cartoon Laws of Physics
    These are funny!

  • Help Spread The Word Of Cheesus
    Sacrilege alert.

  • See nice and manly men at a rally near you
    Dave Barry reports from Iowa.


The ‘Babooshka’ Model

Robot Monkey Kicks Out the Jams


A Bag Kitty?


  • Banished Words List :: 2004
    It’s that time again for all of you metrosexuals out there, who were captured alive in their bling-bling suits, to ponder this year’s list of banished words.

  • Secrets of stone skimming revealed
    A French stone skipping machine? 

  • 2003: A Dave odyssey
    Dave Berry and the most troubling questions of 2003.

  • Amusement Park Madness
    Another ridiculous Photoshop Phriday exhibit.

  • Top ten Science stories of 2003
    I don’t think stupidity will ever be cured, do you? 😉

  • Top Albums of 2003 (SD
    Based on a simple frequency analysis of several lists.  I actually have a couple of these albums.

  • Subtly Simpsons (MF
    Witty quotes from the Simpsons.

  • Times Square at New Year’s Eve Panorama by Jook Leung
    This is getting to be a tradition.

  • Court rules on Naked Barbie: We know art when we see it
    Get a life Mattel!  More pictures here and here

  • NYC man trapped by paper trove
    After three hours and more than 50 bags of rubbish, Mr Moore was pulled to safety and taken to hospital with leg injuries.

  • BollyWHAT?! (MF
    The Guide for Clueless Fans of Bollywood Films!

  • Printer Pranks (ML
    Workplace pranks for April Fool’s Day, and beyond!

  • The 10 Dumbest Quotes of 2003
    A top ten list by Dan Kurtzman.

  • The Propaganda Remix Project
    If you haven’t seen these posters before, check them out. These are great.

  • Naked on Roller Skates! (UI
    More of the same at Vintage Paperbacks, and don’t miss the Lesbian Paperback Covers.  I also liked Beatnik Wanton. 😉

  • Phony Paris Hiltons buy a lot of pizza in D.C. (MF
    I wonder if John Ashcroft knows about this?

  • Ask Yahoo! – Best of 2003
    Did you know?
    The first written record of someone “flipping the bird” comes from the writings of Aristophanes, who spoke of it in “The Clouds,” a play from 423 B.C.

  • Pet Shelters Swamped with Unwanted Chias
    A satire from the Specious Report.

  • Top Ten Words of 2003
    Lists include top 10 words, top 10 names, the latest in YouthSpeak, top phrases, best and worst product names, and more.

  • Sesame Street Terror Alert Levels (ML
    Orange = Ernie.

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