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IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Bush Orders Genuine Rolex Watch Replicas

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Bush Orders Genuine Rolex Watch Replicas

George W. Bush – News Parody Cartoon

Bush Orders Genuine Rolex Watch Replicas

CRAWFORD, TX (IWR News Parody) – President Bush today did some early Christmas shopping from the study of his ranch in Crawford Texas. 

According to Scott McClellan, the photo session was intended to show the American people that Mr. Bush is a regular sort of conservative guy, who is easily swindled by unscrupulous business men, CIA intelligence reports and other politicians. 

The president of the Fly-By-Night Watch Company, Larry ‘Fingers’ Buckner, said that sales of his fake watches were especially brisk in the red states. 

"Hell, I’d go out of business tomorrow if wasn’t for those suckers in them old slave states," said Buckner.



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