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Amy Crehore

Hashiguchi Goyō

Pal C. Molnar

Fuco Ueda

Three Beauties (1793)

Yakuza Poster

Ryan Heshka’s Electroladylux

Mieko Minazumi

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Girl by the Sea 1990

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Warwick Goble #1 and #2 (Bio
Warwick Goble’s Victorian watercolor illustrations for children are some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. His innovative, colorful, stylized compositions were influenced in part by images from Japan and India.  Goble also illustrated H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. He definitely goes into the IWR children’s illustrator’s hall of fame with his contemporary Edmund Dulac

Star Lovers

A Change Was Seen

[ ]

Raquel Forner
This is just a small set of paintings by the wonderful Argentinean modern artist Raquel Forner.  I searched in vain for a larger gallery of her images.

Interludio (1934)
[ ]

Hans Makart
I’m not overly impressed with Makart’s work in general, but his Five Senses painting that was displayed at the World Columbian Exposition of 1983 is truly outstanding and an art classic.  It’s interesting note that the prudish English Wikipedia entry didn’t include this image of this major work, whereas this very pagan French wiki item did.  However, the snooty French didn’t have an entry for Makart himself.  Go figure.

One of the Five Senses: Seeing (1872-79)
[ ]

Will Murai (Neurastenia
This contemporary illustrator is extremely talented.  I’ll be keeping an eye on his work in the years to come.

Asimov pinup (2006)
[ ]

Games Museum Virtual Exhibits
The Canadian Games Museum has a huge collection of nearly all types of games from all over the world. Check out for example: Classic American Games, Bagatelle Games, Inuit (Eskimo) Games and huge collection of American TV Show Games

Illya Kuryakin (1966)

A Card From Japanese Game of 100 Poets
[ ]

Operation Crossroads: Bikini Atoll: Naval Art form the Atomic Bomb Test
This has got to be the most unusual and chilling painting collection ever created!

The First Bomb at Bikini
By Charles Bittinger (1946)
[ ]

Americans in Paris, 1860–1900
This is a current Met exhibit.

Afternoon in the Cluny Garden (1889)
By Charles Courtney Curran
[ ]

Oddball Records
I haven’t seen any of these album covers in any of those worst collections that frequently turn up on the blogosphere. Check out some of these other odd covers: Sour Cream & Other Delights, His Love, Heidi, Scandalous Music For Nice Girls, Welfare Cadillac and God Isn’t Dead (He’s Just On A Well Deserved Vacation). BTW, don’t you think Sebastian at PCL should change his logo and use Dwayne and Dwight instead.  It’s much more colorful. 😉

The Good Brothers
[ ]


James Tissot (bio
I was looking at the book Japonisme – Cultural Crossings Between Japan and the West that I got recently when I noticed the author used Tissot’s painting La Japonasie au bain as the cover image for his chapter on the influence of Japan on Western painters.

Tissot was a contemporary of Whistler and a friend a Degas.  I had forgotten that I had blogged Tissot a couple years ago. However, in my research this time, I became enchanted with the story of Tissot’s love for the colorful divorcee Kathleen Newton, which clear shows through in the artist’s paintings of her. 

Unlike his other paintings, Tissot focuses much more on the setting details. They are almost like mini-documentaries of the Victorian era. Kathleen Newton’s image on the other hand dominates her paintings.

Unfortunately, Ms. Newton’s life was cut short by suicide brought on by her struggle with TB.  She was only 28 at the time.  Within a week after Kathleen’s death,  Tissot left his stately home in St Johns Wood and never returned again, because he could not bare the pain of all the memories the house would illicit.

Here’s a few more of Tissot’s Kathleen Newton paintings: October, Type Of Beauty, The Ball and Orphan

Mrs. Newton with a Parasol (1879)
[ ]

Tobacco Cards
After watching the Yasujiro Ozu’s wonderful movie Tokyo Story, I thought I’d look for some pictures of the star of the movie Setsuko Hara, who was known in Japan during the 50’s as the “The Eternal Virgin”.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able find many images of Setsuko.

However, I did find this is huge set cigar cards from a collection in Germany (I think).  It has a lot of familiar Hollywood stars, but it also has a lot of German/European stars that you probably never heard of before, e.g., Willy Fritsch or Kerima

Setsuko Hara
[ ]

Kunio Monji (Little Hokum Rag
I’m not sure how he gets these surreal effects from his photography and dolls. In any case, they are amazing works of art!

Doll Space Remi
[ ]

Hokusai: 36 Vistas of Mt. Fuji

Soshu umezawa-sai
[ ]

Jason Levesque (Neurastenia

[ ]

Katya and Kolya at home and in school (E-Mark
Looks like the knew how unlucky they were back in the USSR in the 60’s.

Katya’s got some snappy green shoes!
[ ]

Casey Weldon (Malanda

The Keeper and the Kept
[ ]

Girl with a Japanese Umbrella by Sydney Lough Thompson
I could only find this single image by this New Zeeland artist, but what a wonderful work of art it is!

Girl with a Japanese Umbrella
[ ]

Godzilla Conquers the Globe
I don’t ever remember seeing these international Godzilla posters before.

Godzilla Denmark Poster
[ ]

Billy DeVorss
Also, see this gallery or deck of cards if you so prefer.

Honey Moon
[ ]

The 25 Stupidest Quotes of 2006
This is Dan Kurtzman’s 2006 roundup of stupid quotes of the year like: “I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me.”

[ ]


John William Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse (bio) is one of my favorite artists of all time.  His selection of subject matter, models and use of natural settings is impeccable. His beautiful work is associated with Pre-Raphaelites, and I see his work as the best from that movement.

Ophelia [By the Pond] (1894)
[ ]

The Mikado by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
The Mikado was: “The most popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera , and arguably the most popular opera ever written. This opera has delighted audiences for more than a century, and spawned a number of imitations. But none were nearly as good as the original, which represented both Gilbert and Sullivan at the height of their creative geniuses.”  In addition to W. Russell Flints images, check out the Mikado cast photos from 1885 to 1982.

Deck the maiden fair in her loveliness
Watercolor by W. Russell Flint (1928)
[ ]

Edmund Dulac #1 and Dulac #2
Edmund Dulac was a French illustrator during the “Golden Age of Illustration”. I’ve included two archives (above) of his beautiful artwork.

Princess Badoura
[ ]

Masaru Shichinohe
This eyes in these images are quite remarkable.

[ ]

Betty Boop Postcard Gallery
Big eyed Betty influenced the Japanese anime movement, and she has always been one of my favorite animated characters.

Betty Boop as a Geisha
[ ]

The Randomness of Beauty
A small, but very interesting set of beauties from Lotus Green.

“Fragrance of the Hot Spring”
Torii Kotondo1930)
[ ]

Guo Jian (Glubibulga

Girl of Romance
[ ]

R.A. Maguire Cover Art (MF
These are good.

I Prefer Girls
[ ]

Soviet Propaganda… Carpets (Blort

I liked the Trotsky one best.
[ ]

November 2006

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