Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

Art Links – 07/28/2008

Art Links – 07/28/2008


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Art Links For 07/28/2008

Qi Zhilong
This guy is extremely talented, and I his just his China girls.  They’re simple in their Maoist uniforms, but very beautiful aren’t they.  I want one!

China Girl (1998)

China Girl (2007)

China Girl
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Ellen Von Unwerth on Flickr and Ellen Von Unwerth Main Site
What a wonderful and imaginative photographer she is.  I blogged the site before, but she’s definitely worth a repost especially with the Flickr addition.

Red Interior

A Rear View

Three Beauties Relaxing
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AD HOC ART – Amy Crehore
Amy has some great new works on display at Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn NYC.

French Bubble Gum Encore
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Laila Carlsen

Recognition (2005)
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