Art and Music Links For 07/01/2013

Gaston Bussiere – Water Nymphs (1927) More Images

Takeuchi Seiho – Sudden Shower (1909) via Kimono-Nao

Kris Lewis – The Visit (2013)

Kil Dren – Girl In Seoul #2 (2013) (Website)

Amy Crehore – A Gymnast’s Memory Of Fall (2013)

Sophia Loren
What an outstanding beauty she was (still is).

The Orange Kimomo

Kaoru Mitsumune In A Kimono

Mimi Yoon – Tiger Girl (2013)

Joe Mcsween – Girl Untitled (2013)

Tori Kiyonaga – Two Women On A Balcony (ca. 1781)

Takeuchi Seiho – Tabby Cat (1924)

Mose Allison – If you’re goin’ to the city

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