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Internet Weekly 2

Best of the Internet – Humor, Kitsch and Satire

Best of the Internet – Humor, Kitsch and Satire

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Miss Rio (1945)

Bathing Beauty

The Weird World of LSD

Sally Todd and Tor Johnson
in The Unearthly

Issue #2


A Statuesque Beauty

Pin-up Toon


Note:I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.



Rick Moranis (b3ta
Hysterical.  The two samples Nine More Gallons and I’ve Been Nowhere Man are hoots!

The Agoraphobic Cowboy

Look out, it’s tweedy pie (Geisha
No Bird Brain.

Tweedy Pie Stitching

Nation’s Snowmen March Against Global Warming

The Onion

The Bush-Abramoff Photos
Dan Kutzman.


The Music of Vangelis Papathanassiou
I never heard of this group before, until I found the this 60’s album cover  below looking for something else. The cover certainly belongs in one of those worst album cover collections.  Maybe PCL will post an Mp3.  Maybe not.  BTW, ever see the movie My Brother The Traffic Policeman

End of the World

Asian Girls With Guns (Geisha
These got to be some of the worst movies ever made.  I love the outfits in the scan below.

“Pretty Girls”

Pinup Girls
I haven’t posted any pinups in a while and these are pretty decent.

Beautiful Brunette


Tweety’s In Love!

A Brief History of Brothels (MF
“The first bordellos were in the temples of Babylon, while in Ancient Greece they were run by the state.”

U.S. Holds Going-Out-Of-Business Sale

The Onion

Santorum Backs Ban On Gay Westerns
Andy Borowitz.

If Not Now, Then When? — Sam Alito In Verse
Mad Kane.

Scarlett Johansson
What a beauty!

Oh My!

Tom DeLay’s License Plate (All Hat

Made by Tom DeLay


Banished Words List – 2006
“Dreams are surreal, not daily adjectives.”


Happy Birthday Flasherino!

It was Flash’s birthday on 1/6

This Modern World (Kos
This is a great image!

Tom TomorrowCartoon

100 Most Annoying Things Of 2005

2005 Political Dot-Comedy Awards
The Internet Weekly Report wins “Best Photo Cartoons & Illustrations”’s Pick!

Study to understand as to how certain dresses makes a female bum attractive
I wonder what the origin of word “bum” is?

Doom Dollies

Naughty Faery

Devo Whips Up Classic Tracks For Kids (BB

December 2005

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