Art and Music Links For 06/24/2013

Glenn Arthur – Scarlett O’Hara (2013) FB
On Saturday, I went to the opening show of the Fiction Annual Portrait Invitation at the Modern Eden Gallery.  I thought this painting by Glenn Arthur was the best of the show.  The image does not do justice to the quality of this work.  Of course, it was already sold by the time I got there.  I also like Soey Milk’s entry “Night Flow”.

The Beautifully Strange Photography of Roger Ballen

Henri Lebasque

La Cigarette (1921)

The Blue Robe (1920)

Amy Crehore – A Bellhop’s Memory of Spring (2013)

Camila Valdez via Hi-Fructose
I love her whimsical food inspired sculptures.

Messy Muffin

Bombona XL

Virginia Mori – Boogie Man (2013)

Hieronymus Bosch – Death And The Miser (1494-ish) via NGA

How Good Is Murakami?
I’m currently reading this book, and it’s the best thing I’ve read in years.  Here’s what novelist Jonathan Franzen said: “While you’re reading it, everything in the world feels different. And that for me is the mark of a great novel … I think it’s one of the great novels that’s appeared anywhere in the world in the last 30 to 40 years.”

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