Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – Rembrandt’s McCain Laughing Portrait Sells For $29.95

IWR Cartoon – Rembrandt’s McCain Laughing Portrait Sells For $29.95

John McCain – Parody News

Rembrandt’s McCain Laughing Portrait Sells For $29.95

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (IWR Satire) – Experts have confirmed that the “McCain Laughing” portrait was painted by Rembrandt in 1628.  William Noortman from Noortman Master Paintings, specializing in Dutch and Flemish masters, said it’s worth between $5 and $20: “I’m very surprised it sold for more than that at auction.”  The painting was purchased last October by Cal Thomas for $29.95.  When interviewed later about the painting, Senator McCain said “The 1620s bring up of fond memories of my youth, those were the gold old days.”

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