Iwr 2007c
Iwr 2007c

IWR Cartoon – Plumber 9 From Outer Space – John Mccain And Sarah Palin Cartoon, Cartoons

IWR Cartoon – Plumber 9 From Outer Space – John Mccain And Sarah Palin Cartoon, Cartoons

John McCain And Sarah Palin – Cartoon

Plumber 9 From Outer Space

SOLARBONITE, OH (IWR Satire) – Steve Schmidt announced today that in order to help pay off John McCain’s election debts the campaign staff were going to produce a remake of the 1959 sci-fi classic Plumber 9 From Outer Space.  Sarah Palin would play the role of the Vampire Girl, and Joe The Plumber would play the role of the zombie Insp. Dan Clay.  John McCain would play the erratic role of The Ruler from outer space, and Phil Gramm would play the psychic foreclosure specialist Criswell.

The Plot: Phil Gramm as Criswell sets up the movie by telling the American people not to whine about the current state of the economy.  Criswell tells the audience that they should keep a stiff upper lip if they lose their job,  401K or house and accept their loses the same way they would had they just lost their life savings in Las Vegas.  John McCain as The Ruler then leads the space aliens, vampires and zombies in an attempt to brainwash the American people with dysfunctional McCarthyist smear campaign.

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