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with THEE Bruce Dickerson.

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Note:I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on Saturdays.



Staff Defection
The Daily Show covers the Card resignation story.  You gotta see the gut busting “My Pet Goat” scene in the middle of this segment!

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show looks at your typical idiotic Fox News story. Hilarious!!!!

Jon Stewart

Mad TV – The Bush Slump Rap
This is hysterical!

Victory In Iraq?


Book of Numbers (Milinkito
This is an excellent flash animation project that is in the style of Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam

Book of Numbers

The Death of Chef
Keith Olbermann covers the Death of Chef (Isaac Hayes) at the hands of a strange cult (Scientology) on South Park.  Milk and Cookies has a high quality capture of the death scene

Isaac Hayes as Chef

Berlusconi’s Juvinille Sense of Humor
I saw this on Olbermann, Berlusconi is such a fool!

Italy’s Village Idiot

Russ Feingold – Daily Show Interview
Jon Stewart interviews the only Democrat, besides John Murtha, who has any cajones.

Jon Stewart

Antcam (MF
Live from the Natural History Museum!  Hey, it’s a lot more interesting than American Idol anyway.


Olbermann Skewers Ingraham
Keith Olbermann reality checks Laura Ingraham’s recent grandstanding media attack. Laura looks a little butch these days, doesn’t she? 😉

Keith Olbermann

Bush’s Latest Twitch Video
It looks like your typical paranoid schizophrenic type twitch to me. 😉

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice
Here a new from their album Taking The Long Way to be released today.

Stumped Speech
The Daily Show covers Bush’s Cleveland stump speech and yesterday’s press conference.

Jon Stewart

Frank Zappa – I Am The Slime
As I watched Bush’s press conference yesterday, this song kept running through my mind.  This video is from SNL.

Don’t Touch That Dial!


The Scarlet Letter
This is a crackup SNL skit.

Scorned Women?

Sharon Apple Concert
This is a classic anime scene from the movie Macross Plus with music by the great anime composer Yoko Kanno

Sharon Apple

Voices By Yoko Kanno
This is closing scene for Marcross Plus movie and opening for the OVA.  Although I prefer the Japanese version by Akino Arai, you get to hear the English translation by Michelle Flynn of Yoko Kanno’s wonderful composition.

Myung Fang Lone

I Do Not Sir
The Daily Show on Bush’s bogus Iranian IED claim.  Why would Iran want to help the Sunni insurgents, anyway?

Jon Stewart

New Rules
Plus Maher skewers John McCain and Hillary Clinton for being phony.

Bill Maher

Cheney’s Lawyer Hunt Game (b3ta

It’s Legal In Texas!

Captain Beefheart – I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby
This is a live performance of one of my favorite Beefheart songs.

The Moon was a Drip on a Dark Hood


Mark Fiore

Al Franken On David Letterman
Franken does great impression of Saddam Hussein.

David Letterman.

Keith Olbermann On The Colbert Report
Keith discusses his ongoing battle with the falafel king.

Keith Olberman

Lunar Than Later
The Daily Show brings us up to date with proposed moon missions.

Jon Stewart


Nuclear Success

Mark Fiore

Negroes With Guns
A PBS Independent Lens documentary on Rob Williams and Black Power.

Rob Williams

Abu Ghraib Closing
The Daily Show covers the closing of the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

Jon Stewart

Keith Olbermann Vs The Falafel-Guy

The Falafel-Guy

The Word: The Long War

Stephen Colbert

Rolling Stones 1964 Rice Krispies Commercial (MF

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I Called It

Stephen Colbert


Academy Awards
Bill Maher parody of what the Academy Awards would be like if they were managed by Dubai.

Bill Maher

Go Go Go
This is an excellent ccc mashup of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Going to Go-Go with Kinks All the Day And The Night and Prince 1999

Prince 1999 Video

Real Life Simpsons Intro
The Simpsons come to life.

The Simpsons

Brokeback Mountain
In case you haven’t had time to see the real movie, you can watch this 30 second version performed by bunnies.

As Performed by Bunnies

“Kelp” by 7 Seconds Of Love (b3ta
Joel Veitch does the animation.

He Love’s Kelp

The McPassion (MC
This MacDonald’s version of Christianity is funny, but it’s probably not humorous for the true believers, but who unlike some other fundamentalists can take a joke, right?

The Perfect Tie In

Triumph: Chinese New Year
Triumph visits the New Year celebration in New York City’s Chinatown.

Triumph Celebrates The Year Of The Dog

Bush-Katrina Early warning Video
This video proves once again that Bush is a dangerous liar. (See full story below).

Bush Pre-Katrina Video

Bambi 2002
SNL does a modern day spoof of the Disney classic Bambi.

Bambi et al

February 2006

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