Iwr Green Dubya
Iwr Green Dubya

Dubya: Bush Administration Satire and Photo Cartoons

Dubya: Bush Administration Satire and Photo Cartoons

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Just in time for the Inauguration

A Neocon Sideshow

Horror Posters
John Ashcroft
Baghdad Bob
Laura Bush
Dick Cheney
Ann Coulter
Tom Delay
Dubya et al
Alan Greenspan
The Gropinator
Osama bin Laden
Neocon Men’s Magazines
Colin Powell
Condoleezza Rice
Tom Ridge
Karl Rove
Donald Rumsfeld
Saddam San Diego
GOP Playing Cards
Conservative CDs
Shrub Baby
WMD and Iraq

Uncle Rummy Wants You

The Baboon Beast

IWR’s FeaturedBush Satire

Chinese Handcuffs

Bush Fails Lie Detector Test

The BrainPickles Shakes
And Bakes Baghdad!
The Nightmare ContinuesIs Perle the Prince of Darkness
or is it Novak?
Problem Girls of the GOPMan on Page Boy
First Lady Macbeth?Bush Iraq War Propaganda Poster
Karl Rove’s – The BirdsThe Sound of Horseshit
The Devil Girl From StanfordJust Another Day at the Office
Rummy ComicsThose Darn Monkeys
The US Bondage Queen

Mission Accomplished?

He’s So MachoHow Low Can He Go?
Green Zone AcresBush’s Brain
Watch Out Mr. EdPee Wee


Bush AWOL Doll

Life Imitates Comic BooksCrown Prince Dumbella

It’s Alive!

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