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IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Moose and Squirrel Poster

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Moose and Squirrel Poster

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WR Photo Cartoon

Moose and Squirrel

FROSTBITE FALLS, MN (IWR News Parody) – RNC Chairman Marc ‘The Weasel’ Racicot unveiled the official Bush-Cheney Re-election campaign poster today at an exclusive GOP ski resort in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.

"Our highly paid Madison Avenue consultants have really come up with a winning campaign theme this time – Moose and Squirrel!

The heroic Moose captures the very essence of the image that we are trying to project for our fearless leader, George W. Bush. 

Yes, dictators, whose name’s the ‘Moose’ cannot even pronounce, flee in terror whenever they get even the slightest whiff of the President’s musky scent.

Incidentally, it turns out that spammer, who is selling all of those elk and moose scents on the Internet, happens to be Rush Limbaugh Republican, and he has given us a huge discount on his extracts made from genuine moose and elk urine!  What a guy!

Finally, we turn to the image of the trusty Squirrel.  Remember, behind every burly moose is a brainy rodent charting the destiny of the Moose’s every move through the wilderness of what is sure to be the most dirty campaign in history of our nation.

The Squirrel wouldn’t have it any other way!

God Bless the Moose and Squirrel!

Good Day," said Mr. Racicot.


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