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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoon – The Sweet Neocon Trio

IWR Bush Cartoon – The Sweet Neocon Trio

George W. Bush (Sweet Neo Con) – Parody News Cartoon

Bush Asks Americans To Boycott The Rolling Stones

MEMPHIS, TN (IWR News Parody) –  President Bush today called on American’s to boycott The Rolling Stones next album A Bigger Bang, and instead by buy his Neocon Trio’s Patriotic Hits CD. 

"I’m not about to let some goddam fairy like Mick Jagger get away with saying that the President of the United States is full of monkey doo-doo

This is a situation that calls for preemptive action.

So this afternoon, Karl, Rummy and me cut a record here in Memphis that real red blooded Americans can buy instead and let those limey perverted Rolling Stones cream on the Canadians if they want to," said a proudly defiant Mr. Bush.



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