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IWR Parody – Scientist Proves Bush is an Alien from Outer Space

IWR Parody – Scientist Proves Bush is an Alien from Outer Space


Scientist Proves George W. Bush is an Alien from Outer Space!

Ann Arbor, MI (IWR Satire) – At a press conference held  at University of Michigan, Dr. Rudolph Snyder provided photographic evidence proving that President George W. Bush is an alien from outer space. 

Using a new photographic technique that he pioneered at the U of M, Snyder-Vision, previously unseen details are revealed to the human eye.  "At first, I just took a lot of pictures of co-eds as they passed by my lab on the Diag.  You can only imagine my surprise when I found out that approximately one in ten U of M students was an alien from outer space.

Then, during the Gulf War, I began taking Snyder-Vision pictures of Bush Administration from the TV set, and I was amazed to find out that Bush and his entire cabinet was composed of space aliens," said Dr. Snyder.

BUSH Hurls His "Orb of Death" at the Citizens of Connecticut

Snyder-Vision Image Taken in New Britain, CT

Strange UFOs Flying Over

Crawford, Texas

Snyder-Vision Image Taken in Crawford, TX.

Bush’s March Iraq Speech

to the Nation

Snyder-Vision Image of George Bush.

Dr. Snyder then presented a slide show of his shocking images.  Top right is Bush throwing an "orb of death" at the audience in New Britain, CT.  Above is Snyder-Vision image of the UFOs hovering over the Bush Compound in Crawford, TX.  Center Right is what President Bush really looked like when he made his famous speech to the nation on the war with Iraq.  Below is a picture of Dr. Snyder’s high tech camera that he developed at the U of M.


The Saga Continues!

Jack Runs into Elvis at Wal-Mart. Page 8.

When asked if there was any way to detect an alien without his expensive camera, Dr. Snyder said:  "So far it seems that nearly every so-called "Neo-Con" is an alien from another planet.  We also think that somehow pods are involved, but no one yet has retrieved a specimen."

Snyder’s Camera

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