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IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Kerry Wins First Presidential Spelling Bee

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Kerry Wins First Presidential Spelling Bee

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Bush and Kerry – News Parody Cartoon

Kerry Wins First Presidential Spelling Bee

ANN ARBOR, MI (IWR News Parody) – In the first ever Presidential Spelling Bee held last night in Chrysler Arena at the University of Michigan, John Kerry won a decisive victory over President Bush.  Unfortunately for grade and high school students attending the event, the spelling was also the shortest on record, as President Bush misspelled the first word he was given during the contest: nuclear.

"What the hell do mean I lose? That’s the way it’s spelled in Texas anyway?  If you wanted the damn Yankee version, why didn’t you just say so," said an visibly upset George W. Bush.

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