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Monstrosity Sm

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Monstrosity 12/24

Cheney With

"A Cynical Leer of Pure Educated Evil", 

Quote From Naked Lunch

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I Married A Mormon From Outer Space 12/14

Is Mitt An It?

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Republicans From Outer Space 11/20


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The Two-Headed David Broder Monster 11/16

The Mean Dean

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Joseph Or Josephine? 11/12

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The Giant Pharmaceutical Industry Leeches 10/29

Pharma Sutra With Me Baby!

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GOP Terror Tales 10/15

Featuring the Usual Conservative Perverts [Permalink] [ ]Digg It

Wars Of The Colossal Beast 9/24

Just Another Day at the Office

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The Beast Within 9/19

He’s Out For Blood Tonight

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The Brain That Wouldn’t Die 9/16

Starring Condi And Big Oil

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The Accordion Of Despair 9/10

If Edgar Allen Poe Were Still Alive, Maybe?

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The Devil’s Messenger Visits Iraq 9/3

He’s Just Getting Started

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The Bad Seeds 7/31

Don’t take candy from Republicans!

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Dr. Cheney’s Evil Brain – 7/1

At A Drive-In Near You!

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PBS Series: Week Of The Living Neocons 4/20

War Is Good Food!

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Dr. Strangeperle 4/18

Is Perle the Prince of Darkness

or is that Novak?

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Invaders From Texas 01/01/2007

The Nightmare Continues

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White House Of The Damned Christmas Card  12/21/2006

Treasure Of The Neocon Madre 11/27

Cheney Threatens To Destroy The Earth If Dems Win 10/31

GOP Monster Parade 10/26

The Neocon Wasp Woman 10/17

Hastert Denies That He Is The Robot Monster 10/12

Bush Makes Cover Of Creepy Magazine 9/27

Rummy Comics 08/04

The Sound Of Horseshit 07/28

Give War A Chance!

Dick Cheney’s Tales From The Crypt 07/27

Unka Dick

The Authoritarian Dick 07/20

I hope he doesn’t clean

his glasses on her skirt!

George The Worm 07/13

Now You Know What ‘W’ Stands For!

The Official GOP Playbook 07/06


FrankenDecider 04/19

He Hears The Voices!

Bush Caught Leaking With His Monkey Pants Down! 04/07

Everything he says is a lie!

Lunatics In Charge At Homeland Security! 04/05

Doing what comes naturally

in the Bush Administration

Bush’s Brain 03/01

It’s Alive!

The Golden Link 02/10

A Secret Love Affair

Everything But The Truth 02/09

A Trillion Little Lies 02/07

Yet Another Work Of Bush Fiction

Problem Girls Of The GOP 01/29

Because they are spoiled brats, maybe?

The Plague Of The Bush Apologists 01/25

They’re Here!

Wiretap! 01/18

It’s OK, He’s The President!

I Married A Flaming Wingnut 01/10

The Bottom Of The Bottle 01/08

Peeping George 01/01

The U.S. Bondage Queen 12/6

Hey, It’s OK When We Do It!

The Black Terrorist 11/21

Featuring Dick Cheney

Neocon Chicks In Chains 11/15

Could This Be Olbermann’s Last Countdown?

Cat-Women Of The Far Right 11/10

A Carlyle Group Production

Ma Bush’s Killer Brood 11/06

At A Theatre Near You!

he Official White House Halloween Card 10/28

Happy Halloween!

Harriet And Condi Comics 10/17

The Conservative View Of Single Women

Bush’s Weird Worlds 10/10

Life Imitates Comic Books

George Bush And His Flying Saucer 8/28

The Truth At Last

George Or Georgina 9/18

The Neanderthal Man 9/14

The Cheneys Visit New Orleans 9/8

FEMA’s Secret Plan 9/6

The Bride Of Monkeystein 9/4

The Bride Of Buckwheat 9/4

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 8/25

What’s really in those iPods?

Not Of This Earth 8/10

The President Who Was Not Accountable

It Was A Wonderful Life 7/28

The Transparent Man 7/28

The Beast Of Yucca Flats 7/27

Rovezilla 7/12

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