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Internet Weekly 2

IWR Bush Cartoon – They’re Coming To Take Pickles Away, Ha-Haaa!

IWR Bush Cartoon – They’re Coming To Take Pickles Away, Ha-Haaa!

Laura "Pickles" Bush – Parody News Cartoon

They’re Coming To Take Pickles Away, Ha-Haaa!

NASHVILLE, TN (IWR News Satire) – First Lady Laura Bush, who was on day leave from the Alfred Hitchcock Psychiatric Center, said on Sunday that she didn’t believe any of the recent bad polls showing her husband’s approval rating dipping below 35%.  "All of the people I hallucinate in my private room at the hospital told me that George is the best president in the history of our country. They also like said they love my tacky costume jewelry, the war in Iraq, domestic spying, the budget deficit, global warming and Dick Cheney too," said Mrs. Bush to the perplexed Vanderbilt University’s Senior Class.  The First Lady was then put in a straight jacket and whisked away by men in white coats.

Inspiration: Laura Bush doesn’t believe bad polls on husband.



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