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Art Links – 05/25/2009

Art Links – 05/25/2009


Art Links For 05/25/2009

Courtney Brims via Traveling with the Ghost
These are absolutely wonderful!

[ ]

Yuki Kanamaru
I love the playfulness and beautiful colors of her excellent artwork.  I want the owl!!!

The Owl
[ ]

Rie Yamashina
These are great too!

[ ]

Takahashi Junichi
These are fascinating and a little creepy photographs of dolls.

Aun (Love) 2006
[ ]

Toys Club Ad List
I blogged this site about an a year and a half ago, and they had some new ads. I liked the one below.

WWII Era Textile Ad
[ ]

Martini Posters via Everlasting Blort
I never would have guessed that there would be such a category.  I don’t think I have ever drank a martini.

Red Hot Martini
[ ]

Spock Sugar Smacks Poster via Akubi Zone
I hear the new Star Trek movie is really good, but I’ll wait for it to come out on Netflicks.

Sugar Smacks
[ ]


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