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IWR Photo Cartoon – Saddam Hussein and Kobe Bryant

IWR Photo Cartoon – Saddam Hussein and Kobe Bryant

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IWR Photo Cartoons

Saddam Hussein Turns Up at Kobe Bryant’s Trial

EAGLE, Colo. (IWR Satire) — Saddam Hussein  turned up at the Kobe Bryant trial on Thursday.  According to witnesses, Saddam was apparently reporting for the Al-Jazeera TV Network.

"He had a press pass and everything, so I figured he was cool," said auxiliary policeman Ted Coleman.

Upon hearing the news, court recorder, Helen Meeker, immediately contacted authorities:  "I called the Attorney General’s office, but I was told that Mr. Ashcroft was too busy violating the rights of Muslim immigrants, creating a blacklist of federal judges and expanding his Gestapo Patriot Act powers to worry about Saddam Hussein."

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