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IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Karl Rove’s Plan B

IWR Photo Bush Cartoon – Karl Rove’s Plan B

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IWR Photo Cartoon – Karl Rove

Karl Rove’s Secret "Plan B"

Turns Up In Nevada Massage Parlor

SPARKS, NV (IWR News Parody) – The Associated Press today released a copy of Karl Rove’s secret "Plan B" for the Fall election if George Bush is behind in the polls in October.

According to brothel employee Ms. Debbie Does, Karl Rove (above) and Roger Ailes spent last weekend at the Mustang Ranch in Sparks, Nevada as part of a "working vacation".  Debbie said she made a copy of their PowerPoint document, which they referred to as "Plan B", when Rove and Ailes went to frolic in the sauna with a pair of bleached blond Siamese twins from Texas.

Here is the text of "Plan B" provided by the AP:

Thingsto Do in October If The Numskull Is Behind in the Polls

  1. ‘Discover’ WMD in Iraq.

  2. Blow up Graceland and blame it on al Qaeda.

  3. Have Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham dress up in a turban and beard and we’ll claim we captured Osama bin Laden.

Spencer Osama

  1. Release a doctored photograph showing a naked John Kerry being led around on a lease by Lynndie England

  2. Pay Diebold to ‘purify’ the counts on their voting machines.

  3. Send some more anthrax laced letters to Tom Daschle.

  4. Nuke California.

  5. Just have Ashcroft cancel the whole damn election!


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