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Geraldo. Geraldo. Geraldo.

Geraldo. Geraldo. Geraldo.

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Geraldo In the News

Geraldo, Signing Cheek to Cheek, Washington Post (10/16/2002)

Geraldo signs backsides yards from sniper site, Freelance Star (10/15/2002)


Geraldo. Geraldo. Geraldo. 

Geraldo as Pinocchio

When I think of Geraldo, I always remember that lame Al Capone’s Empty Vault Special on Live TV in mid 1980’s.  Geraldo certainly has to be one of the founding fathers of American Sleaze TV.  

Geraldo answered the call for duty in Afghanistan for the right of center Fox TV Network.  For an amusing picture of Geraldo, see how Matt Drudge portrays the heroic Rambo Geraldo.    Bahahaha!!!!!

It seems the king of sleaze has been caught again in one of his little white lies.  The story was broke in the Baltimore Sun by David Folkenflik War news from Rivera seems off the mark. Geraldo reported on Fox that he said the Lord’s Prayer at the site of the hallowed ground where the three US service men were killed by "friendly fire".  It seems Geraldo was near Tora Bora at the time, which is hundreds of miles from the scene of the tragedy near Kandahar.  Geraldo claims he was confused by the fog of war.  Bahahaha!!!!!

The story even gets funnier as the Washington (Moonie) Times rushes to the defense of Geraldo.  It seems an attack on Geraldo is an attack on Fox which is really an attack on conservatives.  In Rivera, Fox ripped by rivals over war coverage (Sorry the WT only keeps links active for 7 days), Jennifer Harper tries to convey the outrage of her peers at the Washington Times to this liberal media attack on Fox.  Bahahaha!!!!!

Where is Waldo, er Geraldo?

To top everything off, it seems Geraldo can be found where the action is taking place in Afghanistan.  See if you can answer the question to: Where’s GerWaldo? by Terry Eastland of the Weekly Standard.

For even more on this hilarious topic, see Geraldo’s the best comedy on TV by Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle.(12/22/2001)

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