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December 2003

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  • Robert Henri
    Robert Henri is one of “The Eight” of the American Ashcan School of art.  If anyone knows where a large collection of his artwork is in the Net, please let me know where it is.  The full view of Doris (below), looks a little like Bjork, doesn’t she?

Portrait of Doris Trautman, Undated

Isis305–30 B.C.

French Vaudeville
by Everett Shinn, 1937

  • Arizona State Art Museum
    This is an pretty diverse collection at ASU.  In particular, this picture of a child by Diego Rivera caught my eye.

Niña Parada
by Diego Rivera, 1937

April Walk
by Koga Harue, 1932

Department Store
by Yasui Koyata, 1932

Before Mirror, 1932


  • Takehisa Yumeji
    You have hunt for these prints on the bottom links of the page, but they are worth it.

Kimono and Kat

Fisherman’s ChildrenAhmad Hassan, 1960

  • IOI Art Collection
    This collection of flower paintings by the Japanese company IOI is quite nice.

Title? Torajiro Kojima

  • Joan Miro
    Twenty five images from the great Joan Miro.

Carnival of Harlequin1924-25

Messier 81 Galaxy


Messier 81 Galaxy


Take 2000

Young Woman with Peoniesby Manet 1870

Jorou-Gumo 1999

Leningrad Travel Brochure 1934

Ivan the Terrible1672


“Awabi Pearl Fisher”

“Woman and Kitten”

  • Nancy Pardo
    An interesting artist from Tierra Del Fuego.

“Aquel pan de indio, recuerdo,
viento y polvo”

“George War Butcher” by Elías Adasme

“Fallen In Love”

“In the Crowd” by Mabel Dwight  (1931)

  • Basho’s World (MF
    The Japanese haiku poet Matsuo Basho’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches online.


  • John William Godward
    “The serene beauty and astonishing technical execution of John William Godward’s paintings contradict the fact that this important artist has received virtually no critical acclaim or art historical recognition.” 

“The Mirror”, 1899

Well, at least, he has one fan now, me!  I think Godward’s paintings are wonderful and capture the essence of feminine beauty, at least at the the end of the 19th century.   I would rather have one of these works of art in my house, any day, than some stinking schlock art

  • Gandy Gallery
    “Fine Realistic Art” from McDonough, GA.

“Green Parasol” by Guy Rose, 1909

“Woman with Skeleton #1”, 2001

“Geisha Dancers” by Kitagawa Utamaro 1790

Ferry Building After the 1906 Earthquake

Honorable Discharge by Scott Neistadt, 1981

BBQ Spa Illustration


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