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IWR Photo Cartoons – GOP Playing Cards – Dick “Davros” Cheney

IWR Photo Cartoons – GOP Playing Cards – Dick "Davros" Cheney

IWR PhotoCartoons – GOP Playing Cards – Dick "Davros" Cheney

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Dick "Davros" Cheney GOP Playing Card

Bowels of the Earth (IWR Satire) – The creator of the Neo-con Daleks, Dick "Davros" Cheney is part-man and part-pinball machine. He travels in a mobile life-support unit reminiscent of a Neo-con Dalek casing or a snappy modern style salt shaker. He is totally insane, believing that the Neo-con Daleks have the right to destroy all other life in order to take on their destiny as rulers of the universe. Given the chance to create or destroy, Cheney has always chosen destruction.


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