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Bill O’Reilly

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

The Azzhat Factor

  • Neo-McCarthyite O’Reilly calls LA Times Columnist Robert Scheer a Traitor (04/25/2003)

    The pathetic demagogue Bill O’Reilly is at it again with his ad hominem attacks.  This time his target is Robert Scheer, a liberal columnist from the LA Times.  O’Reilly has the gall to call Scheer a traitor for merely expressing an opinion contrary to O’Reilly.  I guess the Fox Network doesn’t accept the legitimacy of the  the First Amendment!

    O’Reilly’s cowardly character assassinations have more in common with fascism than with those of us in this country who actually cherish the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  O’Reilly is just another Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes sideshow freak like Tonya Harding or Monica Lewinski.


  • Jeremy Glick on O’Reilly Factor [WMF] (02/17/2003)

    Video from the O’Reilly Factor demonstrating what an azzhat Bill O’Reilly is.  Here is the transcript of the "interview".

William Kristol

Weekly Azzhat

Richard Perle

Dr. StangeAzzhat

  • Richard Perle Calls Seymour Hersh A Terrorist (3/10)

    While I was working on my blog, I heard the thin skinned Dr. Strangelove, Richard Perle, call Seymour Hersh a terrorist on CNN’s Late Addition.  Here is Hersh’s New Yorker article.  Here is a extract from the transcript:

    BLITZER: There’s an article in the New Yorker magazine by Seymour Hersh that’s just coming out today in which he makes a serious accusation against you that you have a conflict of interest in this because you’re involved in some business that deals with homeland security, you potentially could make some money if, in fact, there is this kind of climate that he accuses you of proposing.

    Let me read a quote from the New Yorker article, the March 17th issue, just out now. "There is no question that Perle believes that removing Saddam from power is the right thing to do. At the same time, he has set up a company that may gain from a war."

    PERLE: I don’t believe that a company would gain from a war. On the contrary, I believe that the successful removal of Saddam Hussein, and I’ve said this over and over again, will diminish the threat of terrorism. And what he’s talking about is investments in homeland defense, which I think are vital and are necessary.

    Look, Sy Hersh is the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist, frankly.

    It is my fear that these Brownshirts in the Bush Administration are going to start having Ashcroft arrest people like Seymour Hersh, Michael Moore or anybody, who questions or condemns their immoral war.

    Here’s an update on Perle: Pentagon Adviser Is Also Advising Global Crossing

Tom Delay

Imperial Grand Azzhat

Michael Savage

Savage Azzhatter

Picture Taken in 1968

  • MichaelSavage.Com (2/28)

    Brownshirt Neocon, Michael Savage, recommends arresting anti-war leaders when the war with Iraq starts.  Can you say "Sieg Heil"?  These are the kind of creeps Bill Gates has been hiring at MSNBC?  Have you no sense of decency, Bill Gates?

Max "Jack" Boot

Azzhat "Jack" Boot

(His High school photo?)

  • Protesters With Bloody Hands (2/27)

    Neocon Bush toady, Max Boot, puts his stinking foot in his mouth once again.  This is a ridiculous moronic reach even for those twits at the WSJ and their "war is peace logic".

    The [peace] demonstrations are thereby making war more — not less — likely.


Joe Scarborough

Latest Cable TV Azzhat

  • MSNBC Hires Screaming Azzhat – Joe Scarborough (02/18/2003)

    Bill Gates, have you no sense of decency?  I have to hit the mute button whenever this brown shirted Bush toady comes on MSNBC screaming and spewing his obnoxious Neocon shtick.  Sometimes I think the far right is just having one big Mussolini contest!  

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Azzhat

  • Come Clean About that Boil on the Butt, Rush!  (02/17/2003)

    Buzzflash issues a challenge to Rush Limbaugh to come clean about his Vietnam war era draft deferment. For example, Snopes says it is true that:

    Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was disqualified from the Vietnam-era draft due to a pilonidal cyst.

Howie Coble

Cretin Howie Cole

  • N.C. Congressman OK With Internment Camps (02/17/2003)

    Homeland security subcommittee chairman, Congressman Howard Coble of North Carolina, earns his azzhat for his support for internment camps. 

Donald Rumsfeld

Rummy dons his azzhat

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