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IWR Satire – Wal-Mart Introduces the Laura Bush Pants Suit

IWR Satire – Wal-Mart Introduces the Laura Bush Pants Suit

IWR Satire –
Wal-Mart Introduces the Laura Bush Pants Suit

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Wal-Mart Introduces the Official

Laura Bush "Pup Tent Pants Suit"

Bentonville, AR (IWR Satire) – In a press release today, the Wal-Mart corporation said that it will be distributing to all it stores this week, the Official Laura Bush Pup Tent Pants Suit. 

"Now every housewife in the nation can afford to dress like the First Lady.  These sturdy dresses, which come in tan, red and blue, are made from real surplus canvas pup tents that were sold to Wal-Mart by the Peoples Republic of China.

These functional pants suits can be worn for all occasions.  Whether you are meeting a foreign minister, attending a wedding, gambling in Vegas or just shopping at Wal-Mart, the Pup Tent Pants Suit is your ticket to social success. 

The Pup Tent Pants Suit is also idea to wear as a maternity outfit or to cleverly cover up that sagging midriff bulge.

The First Lady has authorized Wal-Mart to use her name in return for a portion of the profits going to Laura Bush’s favorite charity – The Christian Caddy School for Inner City Youth.  It is our understanding that this charitable vocational center has trained over 2,000 golf caddies nationwide.

Remember, if it doesn’t say ‘Official Laura Bush Pup Tent Pants Suit’, then it’s not the same outfit worn by the First Lady," said Wal-Mart media spokesperson Mary Jean Tapersnout.

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